6 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Your Job Search
12 April 2018

Your LinkedIn profile not only acts as an extension of your CV, but it gives recruiters an idea of your professional history, work ethic and passions, and used in the right way, it can elevate your career prospects and place you ahead of the heard in your industry. Here are a few tips to optimize your Linkedin profile for a successful job search.


Peak Interest With Your Elevator Pitch

Craft a personal elevator pitch through your profile summary – this is the first thing that will recruiters see and therefore assess. Make this as authentic as possible, detailing skills and values that will set you apart from the crowd, using keywords that recruiters will likely be searching for.


Be Consistent

Make sure all of your online professional messages have a concise, consistent philosophy, since this will ensure to a recruiter that you are trustworthy and reliable as well as painting a detailed picture of your professional history.


Don’t Underestimate Recommendations

Collecting recommendations on LinkedIn for your skills will not only prove to a potential employer that other professionals endorse your abilities making you a trustworthy candidate, but it’ll also demonstrate the scope of your network and working relationships. 


Use Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital tool in the modern digital landscape, whether you like it or not, and keywords will enable recruiters to find you more easily according to the industry you work in or the skills you possess. Peppering the appropriate keywords throughout your profile will richen your professional messages and create a comprehensive way for you to be found in a relevant search.


Update Your Status Regularly

Whether it’s celebrating a client win, success on a project, volunteer work, or simply discussing news topics in your industry to create debate and interaction, recruiters are looking for someone who takes their online presence seriously. You’re more likely to show up in a LinkedIn search if you update your profile regularly.


Make Sure You’re Open To New Opportunities

This may seem like a no brainer – but make sure your contact settings are set to include, career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, reference requests. And remember to make your profile is public and customize your public profile URL so that it contains your name.


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