Could Robots Replace A Third Of London Jobs By 2038?
12 April 2018

From coffee makers and phone apps to Amazon’s Alexa, our lives are immersed in automation and technology, something that could soon extend to our working prospects.

The Centre for London claims that a combination of immigration policies and the rise of automation could lead to a third of London jobs being replaced by machines in 20 years. The Facilities Management Journal this week that revealed that 32% of 1,300 UK working adults feel their jobs will be automated within the next decade and that 66 million people were at risk of losing their jobs to automated machines.

But there are some sectors more likely than others to experience a robot overhaul, namely services industry with low to medium skilled jobs, including wholesale, retail, transportation, storage and hospitality. Since accommodation and food service rely on 35 % of migrant workers, a post-Brexit landscape with tightened immigration policies could further the influence of automation in these sectors. Check out this Sky News Report to see a breakdown of sectors and geographical areas in the UK that will be affected by automation.

However, London’s renowned status as a bustling centre for economical resilience could defy this prediction, since workers are accustomed to changing workplace environments.

Richard Brown, research director at Centre for London, said: “London has an extraordinary history of economic resilience, and is well placed to ride the wave of disruption that rapid technological change and Brexit might unleash.  

“But there could be losers as well as winners; lower skilled workers undertaking routine tasks could see their jobs disappear, and some may struggle to develop the skills needed for new roles.

And though this news may be negative for those working in the most vulnerable sectors, robots and automation do have a place in contemporary society in order for us to thrive economically and socially, and there are industries that will benefit from their assistance. That said, robots would not be able to replace authentic human qualities that are vital for most jobs, including customer service, problem solving and emotional understanding.


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