Career Journey Chats With Our Recruiters
04 April 2018

Since it’s International Recruiters Day today, we decided to interview our top recruiters to discuss how they got started in a career in recruitment, the perks of the job and the misconceptions around the industry.


Claire Brennan, Head of Operations, Accountancy and Finance Specialist

How did you end up in a career in recruitment?

When I graduated I knew I didn't want to teach or go on to further academic
study- I wanted to join the business community and wanted to start
generating my own income, as I was so tired of having no money as a student.


In those days we called it the "milk round". I applied for Graduate training
schemes throughout the UK with large corporate companies whose natures of business ranged from pub chains to Fund Managers! I was lucky enough to get an interview for Hays plc in Edinburgh (I honestly thought I’d need to go to England). After several interviews and an assessment centre (think of "The Apprentice" but more aggressive) I was offered and accepted a post with
Hays in Edinburgh.


I have to confess on my first day I still wasn't 100% sure what recruitment
was all about but believe me it was a baptism of fire.  It was really an all-consuming role in those days very work hard/play hard and was tough mentally and physically but the people I worked with made going to work a pleasure. Within a month I had doubled the revenue on the temp desk I was managing so you could say I took to it like a duck to water.

What misconceptions do you think there are about recruiters?

I think many people think we are all super cheesy salespeople who would sell
their Granny for a fee.  In reality I have met the kindest and most genuine
colleagues working in Recruitment.  It is a really tough job and takes a
certain kind of person and a very dry
sense of humour to survive in the


Alanna Maxwell, Head of Talent for IT and Tech

How did you end up in a career in recruitment?

I went for an interview for another role and, similar to how most people
come into recruitment, I was asked if I had ever considered a career in
recruitment?...A number of interviews later and I was a Recruitment
Consultant with one of the large international agencies.

It was an unexpected career move (I had been in the IT/Telco industry
previously) but one that I have come to understand very well and love.

There is a misconception that recruitment is purely about sales; it is very
much about the people too. If you spend time understanding a really good
candidate's career aspirations and help to place them into that environment;
that candidate can become your best client, because you took the time to get
to know them more.

What do you love most about your job?

Recruitment allows you to work with people from every walk of life;
sometimes people come to me who have been through a really rough patch and
their career has taken a downturn. More often than not, their confidence has
taken a blow as well. One of the best aspects of my role, is working with
those individuals to boost their self-esteem and remind them of what makes
them a solid addition to an organisation and, ultimately, see them achieve a
new role. 


Nicky Cura, Head of Talent for Construction, Engineering and Rail














How did you end up in a career in recruitment?

I was working as a Sales Manager for a Sports & Leisure Organisation
when I was Headhunted by a Recruitment Company based in London. They were
looking to make their first appointment for their new Glasgow office and
after a long interview process I was offered and started my first role in
recruitment. Like most I initially assumed Recruitment had nothing much to
do with Sales and thought it was more of an HR type role. The more I learned
throughout the interview process with this company the more Recruitment
appealed to me. It is in fact the most challenging and enjoyable sales role
I have experienced.

Would you recommend to other young people a career in recruitment?

I would definitely recommend pursuing a career in recruitment.
Recruitment is tough and at times stressful but if you can manage these
moments the rewards and potential opportunities are like no other sales role
on offer in the UK in my opinion. With the right guidance you can learn so
much about sales, negotiating, meeting clients, dealing with different
people and different situations. The potential to progress is there from day
1 and ultimately you manage your own business from your desk. For anyone
thinking about pursuing a career in a professional environment with an
interest in Sales, Recruitment could certainly offer rewards that most other
sectors cannot. 


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