5 Career Development Books To Read in 2018
04 April 2018

Not sure that reading is on the agenda for your career development game?

Think again.

Though it may seem like it’s impossible to find the time to settle down with a hardback after a long day tackling morning commutes, business meetings and malfunctioning technology, reading is worth considering not only to stimulate our minds but also to influence our subconscious perspectives. 

If one of your new year’s resolutions this year was to develop your career, motivate yourself in a job hunt or enhance your skills and passions, here are the best books to help you do just that.


Jon Acuff: Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck

Who is it for? Someone eager for a career change

Interested in a career makeover or unsure about where your career is headed? Mine for nuggets of wisdom in Jon Acuff’s Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck, a book revolving around the idea of a ‘career savings account’, and the four stages of ‘investment’ to up your career game, each based on a differing career change needs.

This book reiterates that no positive change that you can make to enhance your career is too small, encouraging action over apathy in an engaging, easy to read tone that manages to make captivating even the most mundane of subjects. Acuff preaches that if you want to cultivate a difference in your career, be ready to fail and make mistakes and learn from them, be ready to be brave, and place emphasis on personal and working relationships.  


Brian Tracy and Christina Stein: Believe It To Achieve It

Who is it for? Someone who is interested in harnessing the power of positive thinking 

Often find yourself plagued by negative thoughts around work and unsure how to release your mind from their grasp?

Bestselling author Brian Tracy and psychotherapist Christina Stein, Ph.D. offer a motivational guide based on Psychology of Achievement to transform low self esteem and invasive thoughts. Discussing how outlook and mindset can affect your self worth and therefore career prospects, Believe It To Achieve It embraces the power of positive thinking and takes the reader on a journey through self-discovery. But this isn’t full of the hippy-jargon and sweeping statements on mental health that you’d expect; it’s actually supported by practical lists, exercises and advice.


Bob Burg: Endless Referrals

Who is it for? Sales professionals, network marketers and entrepreneurs looking to increase their contacts

Bob Burg provides a practical step-by-step guide in this comprehensive book Endless Referrals to achieving more valuable networking opportunities, greater brand awareness and therefore more successful business. Tips in this book include how to generate leads, increase your list of contacts to increase money prospects for your business, how to sell yourself and your services and how to be a leader.


Brendon Burchard: Motivation Manifesto

Who is it for? Someone looking to tackle self-doubt and procrastination

In his book The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power Brendon Burchard transcends traditional motivational approaches and simplistic formulas for success, focussing instead on ancient knowledge as well as practical contemporary tools. Exploring concepts like gratitude, mindfulness and love alongside more concrete psychological concepts, this is an insightful, inspiring read that nurtures a strong backbone of motivation over time rather than preaching quick, empty promises. The philosophy behind Burchard’s allows readers to realise their authenticity and find motivation through passion and self worth.


Dorie Clark: Reinventing You

Who is it for? Those looking to transfer skills and experience into a new role

Whether you’re in a transition period or you’re seeking new employment, this book reflects its title, as author Dorie Clark takes the reader through the possibilities of building a career narrative, harnessing transferable skills, reintroducing yourself to the career game and proving your worth in new and emerging industries. With an empowering ethos, Reinventing You, With a New Preface: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future uses Clark’s her work experience to illustrate how to successfully transfer skills into new roles and how not to be afraid to make mistakes. The power of this book lies in its ability to reach out and relate to people of all ages and backgrounds, from university graduates to senior-level professionals.


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