Why Scotland is a Leading Force in the Tech World
28 March 2018

Brimming with a myriad of diverse start-up talent, tech gurus and an influx of fresh minds from across the globe, Scotland is quickly becoming a leading force in the tech world, out-ranking many of its UK peers and crafting an innovative path of change that focuses on software engineering, data analysis and AI.

Recent news shows that Edinburgh is a thriving pool for tech talent, with over 80 tech meetup groups, making it one of the UK’s fastest growing centers for technology start-ups, according to Tech City UK. Known for having been the hub for top boss tech companies like Skyscanner and FanDuel, it’s been revealed by Tech City UK that a whopping 23,571 are sharing their skills in the city, with software engineering at the forefront at around 12,000 people claiming to possess programming skills.

According to Scottish Business News Network, Tech City’s UK chief executive Gerard Grech said: “Edinburgh is one of the jewels in the crown of the UK’s tech sector as seen in the success of its very own $1bn unicorns, Fanduel and Skyscanner. The tech community here is boosted by the great universities in and around the city and it is great to see that data science and analytics – one of the hot trends in tech right now – is becoming a significant shared skill in the city.”

But what how does tech talent compare on own turf in Glasgow?

The central belt of Scotland is becoming an increasingly large and bustling hub for tech fanatics, with many tech start-ups finding their home here, including Yatter, who we recently interviewed about their social media scheduling platform. Not only are we bursting with great start-ups, but also large organisations like Ceridian and Daysoft Europe who have harnessed the potential of Scotland’s largest city, not to mention JP Morgan who reportedly have 1600 employees alone in Glasgow working on their tech hub. Some of the top tech companies growing in Glasgow are represented in areas such as fintech, enterprise software, social networking, e-commerce and space technology, including Clyde Space. Here are some of the start-ups to watch out for this year including tech heavyweight Wallet.Services.

We also happen to know of the best tech and IT jobs in Glasgow and the central belt; some of our post recent positions that we’re eager to fill with talented tech professionals include Senior Project Manager, SQL Database Administrator and Application Support Web Developer. Check out all of our vacancies here.


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