How To Excel In A Career In Finance
14 March 2018

Whether you’re a young professional undertaking a career in finance, or you’re an old hack at this money game, it can be difficult to carve your competitive edge and make the most of opportunities in such an exciting and bustling industry.

So how do you forge a successful and lasting career in finance?

Since we’re experts in the fields of finance, recruiting for top-notch companies across the UK, we know exactly what makes an outstanding candidate and therefore a successful finance professional.

Though it goes without saying that it’ll take a little elbow grease, these steps are bound to increase productivity, get your name out there and allow you to strengthen your skills.


Understand The Value Of Networking  

This is important across all industries – but particularly in finance if you want to increase your working opportunities and reputation. You need strong business relationships in order to cultivate good business, not the other way round.

Although expanding your network to be as big as possible may seem like the best idea – be careful not to spread yourself too thinly. Choose your network wisely and invest time and genuine interest in a smaller, more concentrated group to best reap professional benefit.


Strengthen Soft Skills

Your hard and technical skills are invaluable when it comes to running a successful business, however, moulding your soft skills to better your personal development, communication and interpersonal skills is crucial to stand out against competitors.

You’re more likely to become a leader in your field if you’re an expert communicator, likeable, open, sincere and direct. Financial businesses are looking for a candidate that can bring the qualifications as well as being able revitalize their public and professional image.


Possess Strong Analytical Skills

If number crunching and processing complex data are your forte – you’re well on your way to being a successful finance professional. Strong technical and analytical skills are imperative to accounting and finance, as well as accuracy and attention to detail and the ability to make critical decisions under pressure.


Be Open To Taking Advantage Of Changing Technology

As the digital and tech realms continue to advance – embracing them with a pragmatic approach will excel your business prospects, giving you access to a wider client base and the chance to develop your brand. The ability to adapt to changing tech environments will secure a prosperous future for your business.


Are you a finance professional with some words of wisdom on your success in the field? Chat with us on on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn or if you’re looking for a fresh challenge in finance call our finance recruitment consultant Claire on 0141 212 5130 or check out our current vacancies.

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