Bigger Is Not Always Better: Why Job Search With Smaller Recruitment Companies
07 February 2018

Nowadays it feels like recruiters can get a bad rep, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn, with some folks expressing their dislike for being contacted by a recruiter for a vacancy that they may suit. LinkedIn’s purpose is to connect professionals and to act as an online networking tool, but it also encourages an efficient and effective dialogue when it comes to job vacancies and job search, whether from the point of view of a candidate or a business. So why is it that recruiters can be on the receiving end of negative posts? We thought we’d weigh in on the matter and discuss the perks not only of using recruiters in your job hunt, but also reaching out to smaller recruitment companies instead of large brands.

Our role as recruiters is to consult with companies, understand their requirements and go into market to secure the right candidate, from application right through to the final interview. We support our candidates throughout the process and act as a business connection to a wide variety of opportunities. Not only does this act as a free service for anyone looking for a job, but it also takes the pressure off companies who don’t have the time of resources to fill a vacancy themselves. It’s a win-win. Here are just some of the advantages of job-hunting with a recruiter

But what’s the difference between a big player in the recruitment industry and a smaller business? We came across recent discussions on LinkedIn concerning using large recruitment agencies to fill vacancies with the general consensus being that many clients were left unsuccessful and with little communication or engagement. These discussions came to the conclusion that bigger companies aren’t always better, and the distance that they employ leads to a lack of empathy and human interaction that doesn’t help the company and their vacancy nor does it create a positive impression on a candidate, a point with which many of the commenters agreed.

Our philosophy as a smaller recruitment company revolves around our personable nature and our genuine care for the businesses and people that we work with. We believe that despite the larger than life reputations that some big agencies may possess, smaller recruitment companies offer so much more in terms of compassionate interactions and sincere feedback. Not only do we strive to create stronger workforces for our clients, but we also relish directing and supporting our candidates in achieving their career aspirations.

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