UK Employment At Highest Since 1971
24 January 2018

Good new for the realms of recruitment and employment. It looks like the number of people in work has reached a record high of 32.2 million in the UK with unemployment at a low of 4.3% - something not seen since 1971! The Office for National Statistics reported that total employment rose by 102,000 in the quarter to November.

We like to think that fabulous recruiters like us scoring top jobs for talented folks are the reason for such stellar numbers, since more jobs are being created than previously expected. There’s also currently an estimated 810,000 vacancies in the UK, defying the 2008 financial crisis. Employment growth has been due to the number of people undertaking full time jobs with the numbers of self-employed people down by 82,000.

However, ONS also reported that wages have risen by a mere 2.3% by the month each year, which is well below the rate of inflation, meaning pay is declining despite the rise in costs of living. A new study by the Princes Trust also shows that young people aged 18-25 are facing fears about job prospects, with one in four feeling trapped in jobs they don’t want. This shows a significant lack of confidence in the younger generation, something that they feel stems from unrewarding jobs.

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