5 Tips For A Better Work-Life Balance
17 January 2018

Got a scary deadline approaching for a project at work? Started a new job and frantically trying to impress your boss? You might well be working extra hours, resorting to microwave meals and answering emails in bed at 11pm. And though putting in some extra elbow grease into your working life may not seem like a bad idea, it could have a profound effect on your mental health. So if you’re stuck in a rut and unsure how to move forward to best enhance your well being, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our eight top tips for a better work life balance.


Learn To Say ‘No’

If you’ve made yourself available 24/7 to your employer, then they’ll be used to making demands any time of the day, and not only is this not great for your personal life, but it’ll foster anxious working relationships. Try harnessing the power of no, if you respect your right to a private life, then your boss will too. There’s no need to justify your actions or make excuses if it’s an inappropriate time to be contacted - just say no.  


Step Away From The Email

Whipping out your phone and scrolling through your inbox makes it too easy to have work constantly on your mind, and too easy to feel guilty about the bold unread email from HR quietly taunting you as you’re out for drinks with friends. Learn when to unplug and detox your mind. 


Work Smarter

Instead of working harder round the clock, think about time efficient ways to manage your workload, select your priorities and find productive ways to work, free from procrastination and multiple biscuit breaks. Set yourself a tight schedule and try your best to stick to it, that way you’ll free up time for areas of your private life, whether it’s family responsibilities or personal projects.


Communicate Effectively

If you need to take certain days off or won’t be available during certain hours – let your colleagues and employer know, that way there’ll be no confusion and therefore no frustration or anxiety around work requirements.


Find Out Your Employer’s Policies

Speak to your employer about their policies on flexi-time and working from home. Instead of stressing yourself silly, find out what options are available for you to best manage your time. If you’re on childcare duty and need to work around a specific schedule, chat with your boss about what possibilities will make the best use of your time. Chances are you’ll be more productive if you work out an arrangement that suits both you and your employer.


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