University Delivers A Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship
13 December 2017


If you're a nurse you'll be all too familiar with the turbulent climate of our current healthcare system. This month has seen some pretty confusing information regarding nurses training with the Telegraph claiming that there are a near-record number of nurses in training despite a drop in applicants with the emergence that entry requirements have eased, while the Independent says more than 700 fewer nurses are in training in England in first year after the NHS bursary has been scrapped.

But thankfully not all news is ambiguous it seems, since it’s come to light that Bucks New University is one of the first in the UK to commit to launching a registered nurse degree apprenticeship to help with training of healthcare staff in their related expertise as adult, child or mental health nurses. The program will therefore support employers with the development of their staff and overall quality of care. Hurrah!

The program is set to officially launch with its first pupils in March 2018, running for three and a half years, working with trusts and private healthcare providers including nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, hospitals and hospices. The course could also help in training new apprentices in healthcare and thus combatting the current nursing shortfall. Though entry requirements would generally be a traditional degree, applicants will also be considered alongside their personal profiles and experience, widening the opportunity for those with nursing qualifications.

As well as specialised practices, the program will also teach ALERT (Acute Life-Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment) in all fields to help nurses recognise life threatening conditions to recognise and manage the escalation of care. This program will help launch the career of thousands and allow progression for nurses across the board, hopefully leaving a positive increase in quality in healthcare in the UK.

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