5 Best Apps To Keep You Motivated At Work
06 December 2017

As Christmas approaches and the winter weather means waking up in the dark and returning home by moonlight, many of us find it difficult to stay motivated at work. And though New Year’s resolutions aren’t far away, to avoid collapsing from exhaustion and apathy at the end of the year, we’ve researched some of the best apps to click, download and glean wisdom from to help increase your productivity and enjoy a worry-free holiday.


Fabulous: Motivate Me!

If you’re keen to incorporate a fitness plan into your daily activities (since exercising can actually give us more energy and revitalize our brains) then the Fabulous app will make it easy to stick to a routine. You can add goals for the day and learn about healthy habits and fitness programs.


Forest: Say Focused

Get distracted too easily by your smartphone? Forest stops you from scrolling endlessly through Facebook and wasting time. In the app you’re given a seed to plant with a grow time of 10-120 minutes. In this period if you close the Forest app your tree will die. So if you need an allocated amount of time to concentrate and focus, this gem is sure to help.


Strides: Habit Tracker

A goal and habit-tracking app, Strides uses charts and reminders to keep you motivated. You could be aiming to get up early, save money or exercise, but whatever the goal, with the Pro upgrade you can export data to track your progress more easily. 


Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Accomplish your goals in a fun, interactive way by tracking your life achievements through a game. You create an avatar with daily to-do lists and goals and once you’ve completed tasks you can unlock special features like pets, armour and competing with other people.



If you’re finding it hard to combat your lazy alter ego, Beeminder will help you stay on track and keep you from midday procrastination. You begin by creating an action plan, choosing tasks that need to be accomplished then assigning yourself points each day as to whether they were completed. The best thing about this app is there’s an option to fine yourself for not completing tasks or lagging on a schedule.


Have you used any of these apps to keep you motivated? If you have any other suggestions feel free to let us know on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Or if you’re motivated in your job hunt and keen for fresh opportunities in time for the new year, check out our current vacancies.



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