How To Tell If A Company’s Culture Is Right For You
06 December 2017

Congratulations – you’ve got the job! After days of interview prep, practicing your presentation with only your dog as your audience and researching the in’s and out’s of the company’s past and present endeavours, your hard work has paid off. Now it’s time to decide if you’ll take the job and how you think you’ll fit in in your new work environment.

More often than not, applicants are understandably preoccupied with what a potential employer thinks of them, without really considering what they think of their potential employer and the business behind their name. That’s why we figured we’d give you some tips to reflect upon when it comes to navigating company culture, from colleague-to-colleague relationships to work perks.


What Environment Motivates You?

Think about the type of environment that you would thrive in. If you prefer less of a corporate attitude and instead are comfortable working in millennial offices with a more casual vibe, then consider this when it comes to applying for and accepting a role. Or alternatively, if you like a no-fuss office free from lunch socials and chinos where you can concentrate and work to the best of your ability, then see if the work environment of this new role adheres to that. It’s important to address what motivates you so that you can exchange ideas in a comfortable space, increase productivity and time efficiency.


Does The Culture Ensure A Work Life Balance?

A company’s culture philosophy can have a profound effect on your home life, so assessing whether or not it will help or hinder your lifestyle is important not only in terms of feeling happy at your job, but also when it comes to personal time. This could be a job where colleagues socialize over daily-catered meals, or a role where no one leaves before the boss does. Either way, think about your hobbies and your home life and how they will be impacted by the culture, since your job shouldn’t lead you to neglecting your personal life.


What Is The Company’s Communication Style?

In the lead up to your interview – how were you contacted and treated? Ask your self: does this company value open communication and professionalism? They could be too stiff and formal, or over-share with inappropriate emojis. Their communication style in this period will likely reflect how they will communicate in future, so looking at their timeliness, tone of voice and behavior will signify whether the environment is right for you.


Where Do They Rank In Terms Of Personalization?

Though in the early stages of the recruitment process you may receive automated replies to your emails, which is common, as you get to know a recruiter or a company over time, whether this is because you’re shortlisted or you’ve been offered the role, a little personalization goes a long way. You don’t want to be tied into a job where you’re treated as just a cog in a corporate machine. Instead, an environment where you can build relationships is best suited to career progression and how happy you are at work.  


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