How To Ace A Phone Interview With A Recruiter
30 November 2017

Smashing cover letter? Check. Outstanding CV? Check. Caught the attention of a recruiter? Check. After all that hard work, you’ve reaped some rewards - good for you. But now what?

Though the prospect of a telephone interview may seems easy (no awkward handshakes or frantically consulting Google Maps) there are a few things to consider if you want to really impress a recruiter with your skills. And as much as confident communication and enthusiasm will help your interviewer identify your social skills and fit within a company culture, it’s also important to recognize the role the recruiter plays in your job hunt journey, what they’re looking for, and what mutual gains can be made from your conversation.


Speak Articulately And Relay Basics About Skills And Experience

Give a comprehensive but brief overview of your skills and experience; your recruiter will want to know that you meet the requirements for the job, and especially if this is just an intro call, they’re not looking for detail (they’ll save that for the in-person job interview) but rather a way of identifying suitability for a role. That said, analyzing the job description is important to make sure you’re tailoring your discussion to suit those requirements.


Show That You’re Genuinely Interested In That Specific Role

This may seem like an obvious one - make sure you’re applying to the right role! It happens more frequently that you’d think that folks get on the phone and have no idea which job they’re discussing. If you’re working with a recruiter and don’t yet know what company is advertising for the role and therefore can’t research the company and its culture, then don’t be afraid to express passion for your career aspirations (assuming you’re reasonably interested in the opportunity). But watch out for coming across as fake, since a recruiter will be able to tell if you’re feigning interest for the sake of a well-paid job.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

If you’re unsure about anything – speak up! There’s no point wallowing in uncertainty when something needs to be clarified, your recruiter won’t mind. They’d much prefer that you were transparent and direct that waste their time and their client’s time.


Understand The Recruiter’s Role In The Process

Knowing your recruiter’s stake in the process will allow you to strategize more effectively. Remember they’re compensated for filling a position for a client so when they phone you up, they’re clearly impressed by your CV and credentials and they’re already on your side. Be honest, open and communicate enthusiastically about specifics concerning the job description and you’ll get on just fine. A recruiter is there to support you throughout the process so don’t be afraid to make use of that.


Be Personable

There’s nothing worse than sounding dull, droning and unenthusiastic, whether you’re in a customer service or interactive role or not, it’s important to be well mannered and skilled at communication. It’s your time to shine – you need to sell yourself to the recruiter, so be wary of how you sound when you speak. If you’re unsure, try a practice through and record yourself, that way you’ll be able to hear more objectively how you’re coming across.


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