11 Fun Historical Facts About Popular Jobs
02 November 2017

Whether you’re eager for a break from your avid job-hunting, or you’re a history buff with a fondness for Egyptian advertising methods, we’ve explored the internet to reveal the wackiest facts about the world’s most popular jobs. From nursing and accountancy to athletes and artists, these historical facts are bound to blow your mind.



The first nursing school in history dates back to 250 B.C. and was located in India, and at the time it was only men who were considered ‘pure enough’ to become nurses.

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Allegedly the first recorded evidence of advertising was written in Egypt in ancient Egypt on papyrus.



In Roman times, slave children were sent underground to mine silver by hand, where their life expectancy was merely 3 months.



Known in Roman society as urinatores – probably because the underwater pressure caused divers to urinate a lot – these ancient divers salvaged and moved construction equipment 30 meters below the surface. All they had to breathe was a metal bell filled with air that was weighed down with lead weights to help venture so far underwater. The job was well paid and many divers went on to become affluent members of society.



Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender who owned his own tavern called Berry and Lincoln in New Salem, Illinois.


Stock Broker

The New York Stock Exchange all began in a humble coffee house at the corner of Wall and Water streets, where stock was traded until 1825.


Construction Worker

Before modern construction practices and the use of hard hats for health and safety, workers used to cover cloth with tar and let it harden in the sun to protect their heads. More interested in our modern methods? Why not have a chat with our Head Of Construction nicky@primoassociates.com to bag yourself a top notch job in the industry.



Albert Einstein was an electrician at Oktoberfest! Albert, his father and his uncle had their own company and were the first to provide electric lighting at Oktoberfest.

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Who knew a beard could act as a smoke mask? Firefighters used to supposedly drench their facial hair in water and keep the wet hair between their lips as a way of filtering out smoke and breathing better.



The ancient Greeks had laws that stated the individuals must plead their own cases or assign someone else to do this for them, as long as they weren’t paid. These ‘lawyers’ were responsible for kick starting the profession we have today.



The earliest known musical instrument was made out of mammoth ivory and bird bone, and resembled a flute. It was found in a cave in southwest Germany and was thought to be between 42,000 and 43,000 years old.


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