Happy Halloween: 10 Of The World’s Spookiest Jobs
19 October 2017

As our days get darker and autumn casts its chill over the UK, kids and adults alike marvel at the approach of Halloween, and the opportunity for free sweets and superhero costumes (not to mention scary movie marathons). And for those of us job searching this time of year, though it can seem like a scary ordeal, nothing could be quite as scary as the following professions. To get you in the mood for Halloween, here are ten of the world’s spookiest jobs!


Pest control

Rats? Check. Cockroaches? Check? Wasps? Check. Though the folks at pest control are superheroes when it comes to ridding us of nasty creepy crawlies, we definitely don’t envy their job.



Involved in all aspects of funeral rites, an undertaker or mortician plans and arranges funeral ceremonies as well as dressing and casketing a body in preparation for burial. Eek.



If you’re squeamish when it comes to blood then pathologist will be the furthest down on your list of dream careers. Pathologists analyse bodily fluids including urine and blood to determine diagnosis of disease. You usually need a degree in medicine as well as extra training for this role, but it does pay well, with a UK average salary just under £60,000.


Night watchman

Ensuring nighttime security and safety, night watchmen can work for a variety of businesses. And though it can be creepy patrolling empty gyms and hotel warehouses at night, Business Inside claims it’s the best job you can have.


Haunted house tour guide

History buffs and ghost lovers unite! Become a tour guide at a 16th century castle, a dungeon or a haunted house and tell the spooky tales of times gone by.



Stuck in claustrophobic, dark and dangerous conditions, the job responsibilities of miners can be pretty scary, with deaths caused by flooding, gas, explosions, chemical leaks and electrocution.



A physically demanding role that involves the use of heavy machinery and lifting, a gravedigger job is not for the faint hearted.



Hacking up dead bodies and serving them for lunch is basically the role of a butcher. Not the best job for animal lovers, but definitely a vital one for all those of us who love a good sirloin steak.


Sewer cleaner

Need we say more? Sewer cleaners are charged with cleaning blockages in sewer systems. However Sewer Flushers can make an average of £45,000 a year. Not bad.


Waxwork sculptor

With immense skill and artistic ability waxwork sculptors have a unique profession, but one that is still creepy given the number of horror movies that involve waxwork figures or mannequins.

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