7 Hottest Jobs For Workers Without A Degree
12 October 2017

It seems nowadays that bachelor degrees are ten a penny, with eager graduates flung into the world of work with greater competition than even a decade ago, facing low paid jobs or lack of opportunities despite studying for a number of years. And although many of us are steered down the academic route in school, it’s becoming more apparent that you can make a decent living without a degree, as long as you work hard to achieve a professional goal.

Whether you’re an aspiring police officer or a tech savvy champ eager to implement their skills in fresh terrain, there are heaps of roles out there suited for non-graduates, roles that offer excellent remuneration and benefits. So to inspire you to grasp your career by the reigns, we’ve plucked out the seven hottest jobs for workers without a degree.



Do you regularly dream of presenting a pitch to the multimillionaires of Dragon’s Den? Are you a forward-thinking businessperson looking to revolutionise your industry? It goes without saying that a career as an entrepreneur is open to anyone, as long you’re motivated, bursting with innovative ideas and your passion leads to hard work. Our very own city of Glasgow is known for its entrepreneurial prowess, and there are a myriad of opportunities for funding and support from organisations such as Business Gateway, so if you choose to stray from the academic route and into the world of business, being an entrepreneur could well mark your path to success.

Average salary: £37,742 (although there’s a potential to make much more).


Sales Executive

If you’re charismatic, friendly and not afraid to roll up your sleeves and chat until the cows come home, a job as a Sales Executive could be for you. Someone that is motivated by money and smashing targets would be very successful in this position.

Average salary: From £25,000 as a Junior Sales Executive to - £100,000+ as a Sales Director, all depending on the industry.


Air Traffic Controller

A high pressure job with a lot of responsibility but an equal amount of reward, an Air Traffic Controller does what it says on the tin, making sure air traffic takes off and lands safely and responding to any emergencies that may arrive. All you need to succeed is to obtain an approved training course.

Average salary: £50,000


Police Officer

A respected profession and peacekeeper, a police officer ensures the safety of the public and the regulation of law, with the possibility of progression, diverse working environments and healthy pay. Once you’ve gone through the internal examinations, consisting of written, fitness and medical tests, then you’re golden.

Average salary: £36,646


Web Developer

You can take online courses to understand computer programming, database management and web design and teach yourself a lot of what is required for a web developer, tailing your expertise to a specific niche. In this role there’s a possibility to earn a decent living freelancing or you can work within a company assisting with the creation of websites and coding.

Average salary: £30,000 – 60,000

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Ethical Hacker

We’ve all heard of hackers, the nasty folks that infect our computer with viruses or steal our information through emails and the cloud, and in no way are we promoting this type of ‘career’. However, an ethical hacker is a totally different thing, being someone that helps businesses or even the government to ensure their security measures are free from flaws.

Average salary: £48, 250



Yep, that’s just what we do! Recruitment can be rewarding work; it’s varied and gives you access to a great network of professional contacts. You also don’t need any specific qualifications to become one, but certain skills definitely come in handy, like communication, problem solving and time management. It’s a thrilling industry to work in, offering opportunities around the globe.

Average salary: £25, 219


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