The 12 Funniest #Overheardtatwork Tweets Ever
18 September 2017

The workplace can be a precarious environment, filled with the busy minds of a business family, with inter-generational folks working alongside one another for a joint cause. It’s not surprising then to hear that it’s often home to some odd chatter, especially on caffeine filled Friday afternoons. So to celebrate the September weekend here in Scotland, and to gift you with a giggle, we’ve scoured the Internet to find the best #OverHeardtAtWork tweets ever. You’re welcome!


1. Highlighting your co-workers deceptive attitude 



2.  Searching for the right lingo



3. Expressing culinary concern



4.  Scoffing at the state of your H2O intake


5.  Questionable dating methods


6. Cue revival of the Nokia 3210 


7. Recognising one's coffee addiction 


8. Always the best excuse  


9. Salad what?!


10. Beware of your cutlery  


11. Welcoming all generations  


12. One for the tech heads



What are your fave #overheardatwork tweets? Do you have one of your own? Give us a shout over on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn

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