How Your Online Self Affects Your Potential of Finding Work
19 January 2017


Since Facebook’s feisty birth back in 2004, social media has landed a swift promotion from casual participant in our dial-up Internet adventures to the CEO of our digital realities. Whether you’re a frenzied Facebook messenger, an avid tweeter or an Instagram guru, social media dominates not only our personal lives, but also our potential to cultivate professional ones. Although you may be partial to the odd tequila or fancy dress, harnessing your online presence to present your best self can be crucial when making an impression on a future employer.


Consider what your digital footprint says about you


Every like, comment or follow leaves a stain in simulated reality that can be hard to erase. This is why assessing your digital footprint is a key element in determining how you will be perceived by a future employer. Try googling yourself and seeing what appears, how are you portrayed through your online profiles? This would allow you to alter your online character and activity accordingly to establish a positive picture of your personal and social ventures.


Revise privacy settings


Privacy settings can only do so much, but to avoid sabotaging your job search, they can be useful in filtering your online image to the world, keeping those drunken nights out at bay and instead presenting a pleasant and respectable glimpse of your online activities, without compromising the liberties that social media provides.


Be mindful of online outbursts


Although being engaged in and expressing opinions concerning politics or pop culture issues can be an admirable quality, online rants or outbursts can often hinder rather than help your job quest. Social media allows users a contribution to a digital consciousness and can generate positive impact in global dialogue. However, being actively cautious of how you express your thoughts online can be the difference between simply getting an interview and actually landing the job.


Engage in professional networks


Effectively using professional platforms such as LinkedIn and nurturing professional relationships online can demonstrate confidence, initiative and social skills to an employer that will strengthen positive qualities claimed on a CV and provide insight into your networking habits and genuine professional interests.


How well do you know your online self? Let us know what you think over on Facebook and Twitter or if you’re ready to start the job hunt take a look at our current vacancies.




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