The Advantages Of Job Hunting With A Recruiter
14 September 2017

“Recruiters, eh? Why should I bother with them?” This is a thought that can circulate in the minds of job seekers, pumped full of caffeine to help power them through cover letter after cover letter on rainy Monday mornings. And though job hunting can be a tedious and tiring process, in which it’s easy to lose motivation or confidence, it doesn’t have to be a journey taken alone. So whether you’re skeptical of recruitment agencies or finding job applications a struggle, here are just some of the advantages of job-hunting with a recruiter (including yours truly) to find a role that’s right for you.


They Connect You With Prospects

Applied for a job through a recruitment agency but didn’t get it? Don’t worry. Recruiters will showcase your talents when there are further opportunities down the line, especially if you were amicable, professional and easy to work with.


They Can Specialise In Your Industry  

You could work in a niche role in Construction or as a .NET Developer in IT, but whatever your field, a recruiter that understands your industry and specialisms will be able to better guide you towards the right roles, giving in depth answers to questions we commonly find ourselves pondering when filling out an online application.


They Give Multi-Faceted Insight Into A Role

Aside from the usual details of the job spec recruiters will be able to provide extra information about their client (the one who could end up being your boss) their company culture and ethos and the type of person they’re keen to welcome into their team. 


They Offer Support And Guidance

Relying on recruiters for counselling through your job search is a big no no, but recognising that one of the main perks of working with a recruiter is the support you get with the application process (if they think you’re right for the role) is smart if you want to best impress a potential employer.

Have these points managed to persuade you to use a recruitment agency? If they have, give us a call on 0141 212 5130 or register online to land your dream job. You can also peruse our current vacancies here since we recruit for a diverse range of industries including IT, Construction, Healthcare, Learning and Development, Business and Finance and Housing and Third Sector.


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