Bill Gates Believes In The Future Of Science And Tech In Post-Brexit Britain
14 September 2017

The world-renowned billionaire and philanthropist, who has pioneered both tech and science realms as the co-founder of Microsoft, has discussed with the Telegraph the illustrious future of these industries in a post-Brexit Britain and the potential of a boosted economy as a result.

Despite previously encouraging British people to vote remain, tech savvy Bill has since claimed that the science community has the possibility of excelling if it continues its level of research and attracts the best talent from the EU. He has expressed support for various inclusions of EU membership such as unified drug testing, grants, and the possibility for scientists to easily travel and move freely between countries.

His change of mind on the leave vote swiftly followed the news that taxpayers will continue to fund EU aid projects after Brexit, meaning the potential of £400 million pouring into the EU Development Fund.

Bill has proven to be a fan of British education and research and clearly sees potential in its higher education establishments, having already allegedly donated £750 million to universities in Liverpool, Edinburgh and London as well as Cambridge and Oxford. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Bill says this is “because they're the best at doing lots of this important work”. Bill’s support of these universities reaffirms his notion that Britain has massive potential in science and research, especially if it continues working with the EU on projects and development.

Though the announcement of our continued involvement in the EU Development Fund harbours great opportunities for collaboration for academics, very little is known as to how Britain’s £1 billion contribution will be spent, with a number of tory MPs criticising wasteful EU spending.

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