6 Questions Every Candidate Must Ask At A Job Interview
01 September 2017

“Do you have any questions for us?” are the words that resound through offices around the globe, aimed at interviewees nervously embarking on the quest for a new job. And even after completing a successful interview, showcasing your skills and experience, and getting on with your potential employer like a house on fire, this last question can often catch us off guard, no matter if we’re newbies to the professional world or seasoned pros. Answering this question with sincere and well researched questions of your own will show not only that you’ve been listening throughout the interview, but also your depth of interest in the business. So to give you a helping hand, here are the six questions that every candidate must ask at a job interview.


What progressions are involved in the role?

This question will help you get a clear understanding of what the job entails and what to expect concerning your place within the company. For example, if it’s a sales role, it may be targets for new clients in a certain time period and if it’s a social media or marketing role, it could be targets for followers and engagement. If you are being considered for the job, this will help you prepare to the best of your ability.


How do you think this interview has gone? / Is there anything else I can cover about to support my application?

As well as portraying a keen interest in the job, this will give you insight into how successful you were and the probability of being hired. It will also give you opportunity to further discuss expertise and experience.


How would you describe the company culture?

Determining how you would fit into a business’ culture and adhere to their ethos is often just as important as meeting the requirements of a job spec. This also gives your interviewer the chance to tell you a bit more about the business, what they stand for and how positive of an environment is cultivated by their workforce.


What plans for growth or development do you have in the next five years?

This is a question that will benefit both you and your interviewer. If their response is vague or negative, you can see if the business is stagnating and if there are issues that could hinder your growth within the team. If they light up and demonstrate growth plans then the company is clearly heading in the right direction, and so would your career with it.


What skills have enabled you to be successful in this company and what advice would you give me if I were to be considered for this role?

Seeking genuine advice and showing an interest in what could be your future colleagues is never a bad idea, and it’ll give you a gist of how to progress in the company and what areas and skills to focus on.


What is your favourite thing about working here?

If you’re met with an upbeat response, you’ll know it will be a good place to work and a working environment that harbours content employees. Finding out as much as you can will help you more easily settle into the role if it’s offered to you and allow you to identify the perks of the job.


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