The Perks Of A Career In Web & Software Development
01 September 2017

At Primo Associates, we’re passionate about recruiting and providing business development in a variety of sectors, including IT and tech, with web developers and software developers being our niche. We source and secure talented candidates across the UK with leading IT firms, contributing to the changing landscape of technology and innovation. So whether you’re considering a career move and fresh challenges, or you’re looking for confirmation that you’re in the right job, here are the top perks of career in web development.


You Get To Be Creative

No one project is the same, and this makes web development work varied and creative. From graphic design and colour schemes to conceptualization, this role is teeming with opportunities to unleash imaginative impulses. It’s an ideal position to pursue for those who relish the marriage between science and art.

You Work Flexible Hours

Savvy IT folk tend to throw out the usual 9-5 day, since if you have an internet connection, you can work at any time without disrupting work flow. Flexible hours like this mean it’s easy to organize child care and holidays and it gives you the freedom to mould you job around your life as oppose to the other way around.  

You Can Work Anywhere In The World

Many web developers and software developers do freelance work, meaning you aren’t required to be in a particular office at a set time, but instead you get to glean the opportunity to travel or move at the drop of a hat. Fancy six months in Barcelona? As long as you have a secure reputation and client base, finding work remotely is not an issue.


You’re Always In Demand

IT is currently a candidate driven market, and since there is a shortage of web and software developers in the UK in comparison to, for example, marketing and finance, professionals, it’s a job that’s always in demand. Because knowledge varies between one developer to another and businesses often look to recruit someone with a particular expertise, this means web developers have a large scope of opportunities to change roles and work with a diverse range of businesses.

You Receive A Great Salary

From Software Development Managers and .NET developers to Web Developers and Designers, you can earn decent dollar in these roles, varying from £35,000 - £55,000.


You Never Stop Learning

Since the tech industry is constantly evolving and changing, you’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to sharpen your craft. There’s no limit to what you can learn and the skills you can obtain if you’re prepared to roll with the punches.


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