Tips for Finding a New Job
12 January 2017


It’s common knowledge that a significant chunk of our humble lives here on earth is dominated by the working world; encompassing both the time we take cultivating a career to the hours we spend implementing our skills and harnessing working relationships. As 2017 fervently begins its voyage around the sun, many of us may be considering a fresh journey in our working life too. Whether you’re looking to broaden your career horizons, or you’re simply eager for fresh prospects in your working life, finding a new job isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve rustled up our top tips for finding success in a shiny new job this New Year.


Spruce up your CV


  • A polished, succinct and coherent CV is crucial to making the right impression on a future employer or recruiter. You may have been up until the wee hours applying for jobs, but it’s no use doing so unless your application is spic and span.


  • Including your current employer, up to date contact details and checking for impeccable spelling and grammar will elevate your CV’s quality and prove your professionalism and attention to detail.


  • Making sure to customise both your CV and cover letter to align with a specific role will also gain you credibility as well as making certain that references are provided are appropriate and up to date.


Do your homework


  • Ensure that you’ve carried out relevant research when searching for a new job, especially if you’re looking to take a new direction in your career.  


  • After selecting your path tread wisely; identify what you’re good at and apply these skills to your search.


Be passionate but professional


  • Expressing a passion for a field of work will attract the attention of future employers, and telling stories and anecdotes that illustrate your interest and knowledge can aid in portraying your enthusiasm and unique approach.


  • That said, maintaining a professional demeanor will enhance your passion and demonstrate your capabilities to an employer.


  • From choosing a sensible email address to appropriate attire for an interview, creating a professional impression will heighten your chances of scooping up your dream job.


Harness your online presence


  • Since many employers look at social media profiles in order to determine suitability for a role, make certain that your profile portrays your social and personal life in the best light possible.


  • Updating your LinkedIn profile, and creating one if you haven’t already will also paint the best picture of your working life.


Ace the interview


  • Be prepared and to be honest in your reasons for finding a new role, without bad mouthing previous employers.


  • Being confident without being conceited in a job interview will give the right impression, as well as being punctual and approachable.


  • Express your suitability for a role with professionalism and enthusiasm and make sure to be yourself.


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