The UK’s 5 highest paid roles in IT
03 August 2017

As the IT and tech industry develops, there becomes increasing demand for computer-savvy folk with up to date skills and knowledge in all areas of the digital sphere. Many of these roles include a myriad of responsibilities and high pressure working environment - but they’re not without their perks - with each of them receiving generous salaries, bonuses and benefits. And since we have vast experience recruiting for roles in IT, from Software Development Managers to .NET developers, we’ve collated the UK’s five highest paid roles in this industry to inspire you to polish up your coding skills and pursue fresh challenges.


Sales Directors 60-120K

Depending on the nature and size of the organisation, a Sales Director within IT can receive as much as £300,000 although the average salary is much less at 60-100K– but still a hefty lump of cash. As you’d expect, these salaries are often based on sales earnings, so if you fancy yourself a sweet-talker with ambitions in IT, this could be the job for you.


Development Managers/Project Managers - 55-65K

Exposed to all facets of development and overseeing facilities and maintenance programmes, Development Managers and Project managers oversee large teams, train staff and make the most of development opportunities. Interested in a role in this area? We’ve got a fab role available for a Software Development Manager.


Database Administrator - 45-50K

Combing IT and new technology, Data Administrators plan and develop databases, trouble-shooting any potential issues and ensuring data is consistent, clearly defined and secure, mapping out conceptual and physical design of databases and developing, managing and testing back up recovery plans.  


Information Systems Managers 40-50k

These guys are responsible for the security and running of all computer systems, ensuring effective operations of hardware, software and applications used within public and private sector organisations. They also manage IT budgets and teams of programmers, analysts and support specialists, focussing on the functionality of systems and problem solving to make sure systems are as secure and efficient as possible. This is a high-pressure role requiring a vast array of skills and knowledge in the latest technology. Information Systems Managers can work not only for IT and software companies but for financial firms, consultancies, universities, local authorities, hospitals and online retailers.


Software Developers - 30-55K

The brains behind the programming, design, installation and maintenance of software systems, Software Developers review current systems and produce reviewed programme codes to aid the efficiency and security of a company’s software, working closely with analysts and staff to improve systems. The advantage of this role means you can go freelance as a consultant if you’d prefer to work for yourself or nab a range of fantastic opportunities across the UK.


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