Why Pursue a Career as a Structural Engineer?
27 July 2017

Working closely with clients, contractors, architects and a diverse myriad of engineering professionals, structural engineers undertake a pivotal role in both the figurative and physical landscape of construction. So if you found yourself twiddling your thumbs during English classes on Shakespeare but racing ahead of your peers when solving complex maths equations or physics experiments – then structural engineering could be the role for you. To inspire you to pursue a role in this field or to reassure you that you’ve made the career right choice, here are four reasons to pursue a career as a structural engineer.


Your Dreams Become Reality

From majestic skyscrapers to bridges and houses, structural engineers see their ideas translate to reality, and this undoubtedly fosters a real sense of achievement once a project is finished. Imagine going to work and being able to measure your progress through changes to the skyline. Imagination and design becoming an actuality with real lasting impact makes for exceptionally rewarding work.


Your Work is Varied

Although it’s easy to envisage all engineers with shiny orange hard hats and high vis shouting important things and pointing, a structural engineers job is far what you’d  expect. As well as carrying out in depth calculations, the role involves drawing sketches, creating analysis models on the computer, visiting building sites, assessing records of older buildings and attending vital meetings. The job therefore encompasses design, maths and physics, with room for the development of practical skills.


You get to be Creative

As far as creative professions go, engineering wouldn’t necessarily come top of most people’s list, but in fact structural engineers are required to think creatively throughout all of their tasks in order to best facilitate a project and forge the best possible outcome for design.


You Make the World Safer

As well as investigating, designing and developing engineering projects, structural engineers are life savers, assessing potential dangers, keeping people safe and making sure buildings are sturdy and habitable. The role includes assessing the potential damage of hurricanes and earthquakes and helping to develop construction methods that have the least impact on the environment.

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