The UK’s 6 Best Tech Blogs
19 July 2017

From dainty digitals and ambitious apps to the latest gadgets and gizmos, the tech industry is flourishing in all corners of its vast universe. And since one of our specialities here are Primo Associates is to uncover the most exciting vacancies across the diverse plains of IT, tech and STEM, we’ve come up with our 6 favourite UK tech blogs to kick-start your inspiration, give you the skinny on latest trends and developments and help you smash those business goals.  


Shiny Shiny

Edited by Becca Caddy, Shiny Shiny is a London based tech blog aimed at women in STEM roles, exploring niche gadgets to help women stay switched on when navigating the digital plains of both professional and domestic environments, from tech shows and start-ups to home security.



Mighty Gadget

Specialising in technology news and reviews, Mighty Gadget delves into the most recent and unique technological trends and products, rating latest devices and allowing you to shop by brand, from fitness to home automation. For those interested in starting up or maintaining a website, there’s a plethora of valuable info on web hosting and development.


V3: The Frontline Blog

Hosted by V3, The Frontline Blog provides goodies and gossip for even the most seasoned of tech gurus, spanning cyber security, augmented reality, 3D printing and effective data tools with easy to navigate tags from social networking to hardware and cloud strategy.



Self-proclaimed as ‘the space where innovation and entrepreneurship meet business tech’ Techworld successfully expands beyond traditional dialogues surrounding IT and science and offers analysis that specifically relates to start-ups, business, finance and entrepreneurial interests. Having lead creative tech conversations on the web for over a decade, this is the ideal blog for anyone looking to understand how tech can enhance their job prospects and current roles.




Offering advice to digital professionals including B2B marketing, SEO and cloud computing, Fasthosts focusses on business strategy and online marketing, peppered with smart infographics and product updates.



With sleek visuals and a variety of talented writers, Zath paves the way for the future of high tech gadgets and gaming, as well as investigating the latest software with useful critical commentry.


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