How to Convince Talented Candidates to Relocate
05 July 2017

Though your animated phone call may have lasted a hefty half an hour, and your mid-morning cappuccino has long gone cold, you emerge victorious from an enlightening conversation with a top quality candidate for a position you’ve been struggling to fill. The candidate is enthusiastic, passionate and driven, with a spotless track record and heaps of experience. The catch? The job offer comes with a major life decision – relocation. And despite sourcing a candidate that is open to the prospect, there can still be a few hurdles to jump before he or she is successfully placed and eager for a new opportunity away from home. To help with the dilemma, we’ve gleaned our award-winning expertise to give you ideas on how to convince a talented candidate to relocate.


Consider the Industry


There’s no point in contacting a candidate whose work in a particular industry hinders their ability to relocate. Training Assessors, Account Executives as well as Recruitment Consultants will be less willing to relocate since their role revolves around building a commission structure and local network. However, candidates operating in Sales are more likely to consider moving, since their role is driven by capital as oppose to anything fixed to their environment.


Offer Salary Compensation & Cost of Living Context


Obviously, monetary incentives will give a recruiter the means of reeling in bigger fish to fry. But alongside salary compensation for an exceptional candidate, offering cost of living contex could expose new narratives for the individual struggling to imagine their live miles away. For example, in central London the candidate may currently be in a role that pays £35K, and though your role comes with a salary of £30K, the relocation would in fact provide more cash flow benefits due to cheaper rates of living in the area. Insight into life as a local is also worth discussing since crafting roles to the candidates requirements and interests will lead to more successful and long lasting placements.


Provide Appealing Job Titles


Dry, overly descriptive job titles means your job spec will disappear into the ether of digital world and out of the minds of potentially excellent candidates. Be creative and professional by choosing job titles that will have the most impact, but will be the least likely to dilute the clarity of what the position entails. For example, instead of Marketing Specialist Level II, you would list the role as New Media Marketing Manager.


Suggest Sponsorship


If the role you’re offering crosses borders and oceans, offering Visa sponsorship for permanent roles is a game changer when it comes to recruiting top quality candidates. If at the end of their sponsorship they have proven valuable contribution to the workforce, then in the UK for example, the individual can be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain, which allows them permanent residency. So although this is costly and not all businesses can afford to offer sponsorship, considering this as an option would give employers the opportunity to land the best candidates, people who would be likely to remain loyal to the company and contribute their skills for a significant amount of time.


Promote Company Culture


Why would a potential employee be eager to uproot their life and load up a moving van if they have no idea what kind of business they’ll be working for? Promoting company culture can be a crucial recruitment device, one that will differentiate your offer amidst the possible multiple counter offers your candidate is courting. Determine what direction the company is following, their aspirations and ethos and what prospects could be available for progression and further experience. Knowing how a candidate could fit into the professional picture will reassure them that their place is a valuable thread to the fabric of the business.

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