4 Tips for Becoming a Millennial Friendly Employer
27 June 2017

Struggling to hire millennials? From company ethos to brand messages and team diversity, we’ve rustled up our top tips for hiring twenty-something job seekers and becoming a millennial friendly employer.


Training Courses


Though employing millennials means hiring someone with less experience, offering training courses and actively encouraging new and young members of your team to reach their potential is vital to accomplishing growth in your business. Not only will this nurture their passion for a particular field, but also it gives them incentive to remain loyal to your brand and pass on positive messages about your company on social media and through word of mouth.


Inter-generational Teams


Assess your workforce and answer the question: how diverse is my team? Building inter-generational colleagues balances more experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge and a strong foundational knowledge base with fresh faces that have their finger on the pulse of current trends in digital marketing and technology. Providing opportunities for millennials working alongside people of all ages and backgrounds allows them to forge relationships that will grow their experience and confidence and lead to respectful and efficient completion of business projects.


Reach Millennials Through Social Media


Most contemporary businesses are aware of the value of an online presence and promoting branding through social media platforms in order to reach a wider audience. Many recruiters successfully place candidates through social media, and the same goes for potential millennial employees. We recently discussed Magnet.me creating opportunities for graduates to connect with employers through an app, and fresh avenues of recruitment like this attracting a younger market since they appeal to the navigation of the digital world. Posting exciting, engaging content, from blog posts and video content to sassy memes and gifs is an ideal way of promoting your business to a younger generation.


Discuss Company Perks


According to Fortune, the Generation Z workforce appreciate team based perks and company benefits, such as appreciative colleagues, free food, relaxed hang-out spaces and pet friendly policies in offices. Millennials are driven by these qualities over control and compensation. Flexible environments also create a tranquil atmosphere for workers to concentrate in comfort. Discussing perks will encourage young applicants to thrive in your company culture and actively celebrate your brand. Are you a millennial looking for new opportunities? Head over to our current vacancies or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter.