5 Upcoming Recruitment Trends to Watch Out For
21 June 2017

As the recipe of recruitment changes and evolves, recruitment consultants are tasked with the job of squeezing their creative juices and concocting fresh strategies to land the best candidates. As well as developments in the digital sphere, candidate experience is becoming an increasing prioritization for recruitment companies to stand out from the crowd. 2017 has already brought a tornado of transformations to our political, technological and economical climates so it’s time to determine the position of recruitment in the professional world. In preparation we’ve done our homework on what upcoming recruitment trends to watch out for and the best ways to focus and inspire professionals across this dynamic industry.


Sourcing Candidates Through Apps

Made In Shorditch recently published a story on a new website revolutionizing the way students find jobs. Through Magnet.me you can create a profile with info on work experience and skills alongside job preferences, allowing employers to connect with you if they’re interested in what you have to offer. Just like Tinder, you can match with companies you like and swipe left on the ones you don’t. Taking advantage of app and digital culture, sites like these are at the forefront of fresh avenues of recruitment, particularly those targeted towards millennial job seekers. Although apps may not suit all forms of recruitment, keeping up to date with new ways of sourcing candidates allows agencies to re-assess and develop their methods to keep up with competitors.


New Ways of Increasing Brand Awareness

Asserting a distinct online presence is crucial to employer branding and brand awareness, allowing potential clients and candidates to instantly recognize who you are and the nature of your company culture. Branding is an integral cog to the marketing machine, reflecting business values and highlighting unique qualities within your teams. From blogs and social media to video and even podcasts, rooting branding in multimedia creates exciting content and a more personable client and candidate experience.


Prioritizing Candidate Experience

What makes a candidate more likely to apply for a role with your agency as oppose to countless others? What do you provide that is unique to their job-hunting journey? Personalized and engaging customer experience will drive successful placements. Being more mindful of each candidate and tailoring your service to their specific requirements is a win-win situation: you get to know more about the candidate and if they are right for a particular role, and in turn they will feel comfortable and welcomed by your attitude and readiness to accommodate their queries. 


Talent Analytics

Since Data Analytics are constantly developing, more and more tools are becoming available to source candidates faster and more efficiently. Activities of individuals on social media can be tracked, allowing recruiters to access information that focuses their search and saves research time. Business News Daily claim that ‘while digital tools will never fully replace the human instinct necessary for identifying the right candidates, an ability to stay on top of technological trends could be a recruiter's biggest advantage going forward’.


Faster Feedback

Harnessing your social media presence not only drives web traffic leading to successful candidate placements, but it gives businesses the chance to present facets of themselves that usually aren’t accessible, like their opinions on current news and trends within industry sectors. This provides a voice for the brand that clients and candidates can actively engage with as well as giving businesses the opportunity to interact with and show support for professional peers.


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