Top 11 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers
15 June 2017

Whether you’re eager to forge a new path in your field, nurture your professional reputation or harness the benefits of the social sphere, LinkedIn is the captain in the landscape of business and recruitment – and it’s vital that you get on board. Not enough job seekers fully embrace the benefits LinkedIn can offer, from providing a platform through which to embrace your competitive streak, to offering the means of landing invaluable networking opportunities. Although venturing into new digital plains can often feel intimidating, optimizing your LinkedIn to better engage with your professional circle, connect more effectively with colleagues and peers, and develop your online presence is paramount to conveying your best self to a future employer.  


1. Make Use of Multimedia


If you’re creating a LinkedIn profile for the first time or you’re looking to update your current one, a striking headshot or friendly and professional photo can act as the backbone to your personal message, carving out space in which to portray passion, energy and skills that can be tough to write about. Make sure the photograph is appropriate and if you’re unsure how to present yourself, take a look at photos used by colleagues or other professionals in your field and reciprocate, while remaining distinct. Check out one blogger’s experiment on what photos work best on LinkedIn.


2. Add Work Experience and A Current Job Entry


A sharp headline and summary is your best self-marketing tool. Remember that employers or recruiters will scour through hundreds of profiles a week, so an authentic voice and ability to discuss your experience in an enlightened way and will spotlight your story amidst your peers.


3. Be Concise


Rambling through long paragraphs swarmed with synonymous adjectives makes for a dull read and can make you seem incompetent. If you can’t summarize your own experience in a coherent way how will you successfully deliver brand messages for a future employer? Be clear and punchy, that way you’re much more likely to be memorable.


4. Use Keywords


By liberally sprinkling key words throughout your job descriptions and experience summary, you’ll heighten the chances of a particular recruiter or employer finding you. Using keywords helps your profile show up when they type in certain skills and requirements, bringing your profile to the forefront of their search.


5. Avoid Generic Buzzwords


Standing out also means getting creative. Avoiding generic buzzwords like 'responsible' and 'innovative' will enhance your engagement and show viewers that your writing is well researched and on the pulse. Assess your own profile then take a peek at the most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn.


6. Be Personable


Many users who are coming to grips with navigating the world of LinkedIn neglect to understand that your profile is more than a digital CV, it’s instead a platform through which it’s possible to expose distinct traits, skills and passions. Discuss past and current job responsibilities as well as issues you’ve overcome within your field and particular areas you excel in and why. A LinkedIn profile delivers a more detailed image of your employment experience as oppose to a generic snapshot.

7. Custom URL


Sharing and publicizing your profile will be much easier if you obtain a custom URL instead of relenting to the bunch of random numbers you’re assigned. To do so, go to Edit Profile and inside the grey window that includes your basic information you’ll see your Public Profile URL, you can edit this and then click Set Custom URL.


8. Include Volunteer Work or Language Skills


As well as including relevant info on current and past endeavours that relate to your current position, detailing any volunteer work, outside projects or knowledge not directly connected to your job will reveal work ethic and interests. Language skills are invaluable to employers, especially if they work with international clients.


9. Join Relevant Groups


Land job leads and discuss industry tips and tricks in topic-related groups. This will give you the chance to expand your professional reach and gain expertise in a specific area. Although LinkedIn lets you join up to fifty groups, two or three would be more beneficial for better engagement and better quality interactions.   


10. Endorse and Recommend Others – They’ll Likely Do the Same


If you’ve worked with someone on a project and given them fantastic feedback, providing endorsements and recommendations for their skills and expertise will cultivate lasting working relationships. In a similar vein, you can also politely ask for endorsements or recommendations from other professionals that you’ve collaborated with and for whom you’ve provided a positive experience.


11. Demonstrate Your Passion


Be excited and passionate. Convey positivity for an interest with knowledge and aptitude, but make sure not to waffle and express yourself professionally. Enthusiasm is a well sought after trait, something that illustrates commitment and care to a role so if you love something don’t be afraid to show it.


Do you have any top tips or advice for job hunters on LinkedIn? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re looking for a new role yourself, check out our current vacancies.

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