9 Highly Paid Side Jobs to Finance Your Job Hunt
01 June 2017

Not only does freelance or part time work keep you motivated in your job search but also it eliminates financial burdens of unemployment while demonstrating dedication to a field and positive attitude to employment.

As we don our hunting gear and venture head first into fresh realms, the jungle of unemployment can be a scary place. And even for experienced hunters, the risk for sabotage from a competitor is rife, and certainly not for the faint hearted. So to avoid running out of resources and surviving long enough to capture our prey, we’ve scoured the terrain for the nine best paid side gigs to finance the hunt and lead us out of the woods.


Finance Writing: £37.95 per hour

Do you have a background in economics or finance? Fancy sharing your expertise to aid the latest marketing commentary for publications? If you’re an experienced writer  taking on finance writing on a freelance basis pays the big bucks, giving you opportunities to pen reports, compile analysis and even write books.


Proofreading: £13 per hour

If you have strong grammatical skills and a high standard of English, proofreading can be an easy way of reeling in cash on a regular basis to help your job hunt journey. You can work on a variety of projects by reading documents, identifying errors and changes to be made and occasionally conducting light copyediting.


Marketing Consultancy: £26 per hour

Marketing consultants encompass a range of responsibilities, overseeing newsletters and website functionality, SEO and delivering email campaigns, online advertising and social media. Expertise in a particular area will help you find work more easily, as will a number of years in the marketing field. This is an ideal option for a marketing manager or digital marketer to earn some extra pennies while looking for a permanent position.


Social Media Specialist: £14 per hour

All corners of the business sphere are now recognising that an online presence is essential to good branding and marketing. As a social media specialist, you can work to implement specific strategies to help businesses achieve their goals, furthering the success of sales or services. Knowledge in all social media platforms is essential.  


Copywriting: £20 per hour

If you have a background in journalism, literature or history and you have excellent writing skills, freelance copywriting allows you to work on projects on your own time on a flexible basis for as little as a few hours a week. Proficiency in specific areas is often required.


Uber driver: £15-40 per hour

If you're keen for a job that's flexible and where you get to be your own boss, becoming an Uber driver could be the right side gig for you, especially since there's the possibility of earning some decent money. And don't worry if you're not a registered Uber driver - they'll help you get started with a free personalised information session. Interested? Find out more here


Copyediting: £15.48 per hour

Copyeditors review, revise and proofread a myriad of texts including articles, manuals, books and manuscripts. A strong understanding of grammatical practices and familiarity with various Style Guides is crucial to this role, but if you tick all of the above it’s a great source of income to fund more ambitious endeavours. 


Interpretation and Translation: £15 per hour

Do you speak a second language fluently? Do you have cultural knowledge of a specific area or country? Harness your skills by working freelance or signing up to agencies that’ll provide you with projects for great pay. Sites like Lionbridge regularly seek talented translators or multi-lingual people to work on global projects.


Tutoring: £15 per hour

From online platforms to home visits, you can reap the benefits of helping students from all ages and educational levels by tutoring specific subjects. If you’re at the top of your game in a particular field, tutoring work will be easy money, plus it’ll keep you motivated to land a role you deserve.


Infographic Design: £44.72 per hour

Conveying complex information in detailed and easy to understand diagrams, graphs and images is a highly sought after skill. Graphic designers searching for full time roles can work on a freelance basis helping businesses deliver their messages while scooping up more than reasonable incentives.


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