5 Things To Do On Your Last Week Of Work
22 August 2019

So you’ve landed a new job! Congrats! You have one week left of work and you’re eager to begin a new challenge. But hold on – it takes more than just a ‘sorry you’re leaving cake’ for both you and the company to have proper closure. To avoid burning bridges and to ease the transition for the person filling your role, here are five essential things to do on your last week of work.


Make A Plan To Pass On Your Knowledge

Transition plans are crucial when leaving any job – not only are they satisfying for you personally to be able to tie up loose ends on projects and benefit from an overview of your accomplishments, but they allow a smoother transition for the person taking your place.

This plan doesn’t need to be an elaborate series of documents as long as it includes all the basic information on ongoing projects and timelines. Your boss is sure to appreciate this organised and thoughtful approach to your departure, which means you stand a better chance of maintaining strong and positive relationships with both them and your colleagues after you leave.


Check Passwords & Payment Info

Logins for online platforms and portals like business social media profiles, CRM and CMS systems should be double checked to make sure that no confidential information can be accessed. If they are personal accounts, remove them, and if they are general accounts, keep a note of passwords. The same goes for payment information set up, making sure that cards used are kept note of means there won’t be any room for mistakes.



Once you leave a job, you’ll lose access to all of your emails, spread sheets and documents, so think twice before letting them all go and moving on. Archive the files that you think will be useful for the future. Perhaps you have performance reviews that can come in handy as evidence of your work history for future roles, or project information that can assist you in your upcoming ventures. Create a Google Doc or a Dropbox folder and copy over any valuable information.


Swap Contact Details

As well as the expected farewell notes and cards, make sure to swap contact details with your colleagues so you can keep in touch. You never know when it might be useful to have a contact to keep your professional pool as wide as it can be. It also means that close relationships you’ve fostered at work can be maintained.


Clean Your Office

This goes without saying – but don’t leave your desk or office a dirty mess when you leave. The person that takes your place won’t be keen for a nasty surprise like crisp crumbs in the draws, and you should want to show that you appreciated and respected the space you worked in. Cleaning out your desk can also be a cathartic way of saying goodbye to the place and moving on.  


End On A Positive Note

Avoid office gossip or conflict on your last week of work, you want to end on a positive note, and go out on a high. Don’t brag about your new salary at your upcoming role or bad talk a boss or the company, because burning bridges won’t do your reputation any good moving forward. Set up a meeting with your boss to go over any information in your transition documents and to express your appreciation for their support and guidance over your time working for them.  


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