5 Tips For Onboarding A New Employee
18 July 2019

Welcoming a new employee to your organisation is exciting, and as a manager it’s your job to make sure they integrate effectively within the team, to optimize workload and team dynamics. And though it may seem like a quick introduction and formal paperwork is enough, it takes more than a handshake and a word document to set up an employee for success. So here are our five expert tips for onboarding, from team activities to the buddy system.


Provide An Employee Handbook

Providing the new employee with a company handbook or written policy document will communicate clearly the ethos, history and aims of the business in a way that’s accessible from the get-go. The handbook can include FAQ’s to put an employee’s mind at ease if they have enquiries, and it’ll also provide some good context for their professional relationship with the company. Other things you might want to include are:

  • Working hours
  • Dress code
  • Shared digital tools that employees use like Slack or Google Docs
  • Benefits and pension plans


Introduce Them To The Team

A new employee would expect to be introduced to members of the team, but if you really want to ease their integration, then team activities can help break the ice. It could be as simple as going for a drink or a pizza after work, so that they can get to know their colleagues in a less formal environment than the office. This will also be a good chance for you to see how they interact and fit in with the company culture.


Create A New Hire Announcement

Announce the arrival of your new employee on your business’ communication channels, for customers and clients as well as colleagues to be able to get to know the person better and welcome them aboard. Creating a post that details their job role and responsibilities as well as quirky facts about them as a person that will help audiences and the company to connect with them.


Invite Them To Lunch

Lunchtimes on a first day in a new job can be scary, so ease your new employee in by inviting them to lunch. It’ll be a great opportunity to see how they are settling in, and it’ll make them feel welcome. It’s the little touches that really help someone feel accepted and comfortable in a new working environment.


Pair Them Up With A Mentor

Also known as the buddy system, this is a great way of providing training for a new employee while allowing them to build relationships with their colleagues. A mentor can help show them the ropes and answer any questions they have about the job in real time, to ease anxiety and create a smoother transitional period. New hires can have a work friend assigned for varying periods depending on the complexity of the role, from two weeks to three months.


Allocate Time For One-To-One Feedback

Once a week for the first month, allocate 15-20 minutes for a sit down chat with your new employee to check in with how they are enjoying the role and to listen to any feedback they have. Similarly, it’ll be a good chance for you to provide micro performance reviews so they can make sure they are on track.


What tips do you have for onboarding new staff? Let us know on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Remember if you’re looking for a new opportunity, check out our current vacancies, or if you’re in need of our expert recruitment services to hire new staff, call 0141 212 5130.

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