6 Signs You Aced A Job Interview
23 May 2019

signs of a successful interview

Job interviews can be intense – your brain is working over-time articulating answers and retrieving memories, and the anxiety of unknown questions can trigger your nerves. So if you’re waiting to find out if you’ve landed the job or not and eager to ease your mind, here are six signs that you aced the interview.    


Their Vocabulary Gives It Away

Whether you’ve been asked to do a presentation and they’re giving you feedback, or they’re referring to information on your CV, think about what kind of vocabulary they used to describe your efforts. Remember, most interviewers want to remain neutral and not give their game away, but their words often will. ‘Thorough’ and ‘well-detailed’ clearly show that they’re impressed, as well as sentiments that indicate your vision of the company aligns with theirs – ‘it’s interesting that you mentioned this, since it’s something that we’re currently implementing…’ If they’re not considering you as a candidate, their responses will likely be absent of adjectives altogether, or they won’t pass comment.


Their Body Language Is Positive

Body language is so important to the recruitment process, and you can understand a lot about what a person is feeling by how they’re using their body. If your interviewer gave you steady, consistent eye contact, they leaned in while you were talking, nodded their head and kept an open pose, then they’re definitely keen on what you have to say. On the other hand, if their body language is defensive and they are uninterested, they’ll have their arms crossed, they’ll avoid eye contact; they’ll slouch or fidget.


Conversation Becomes More Informal

You’re in for a real chance at securing the job if the conversation turns more personal. This means the interviewer is already impressed by your background and confident that you’ll be great in the role, so they’re interested in getting to know you better. If the interview runs over time because of this then that’s also a good sign. An interviewer’s time is precious and they’re likely under pressure to make a decision about a candidate as quick as possible, so using their time on you means they think you’re worth it.

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They Re-iterate Perks Of The Job

You’ll know whether an interviewer was interested in you filling a position since the conversation will move from you persuading them to give you the job, and them persuading you to take it. If they talked about perks such as the office culture, salary and benefits packages as well as flexibility to accommodate individual needs (like child care) means they are seriously considering you for the role.


They Introduce You To Team Members

An interviewer won’t bother introducing you to the core team members unless they envisage you a part of it. It also means they’d like other decision makers to weigh in, and that they want to see how you interact with your potential colleagues. 


You Are Asked ‘Next Stage’ Questions

Once the main interview questions are done, if you’re asked ‘next stage’ questions this is a good sign. These include, ‘What is your notice period?’ ‘What are your salary expectations?’ ‘Do you have any other interviews coming up?’. They'll show that the interviewer is keen. If they end the interview assuring you that they’ll be in contact, this also means that you’re in for a chance of success.


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