How To Answer ‘Why Do You Want To Work For Us?’ In A Job Interview
25 April 2019

woman in a job interview

Whether you’re a seasoned interviewee looking for a refresher on job interview etiquette, or it’s been donkeys since your last interview and you’re keen to calm your nerves, we’re here to help.

As recruiters, who know first hand the challenges that a job interview can entail, and we know that it’s no easy feat impressing a potential employer in person, despite seeming like the ideal candidate on paper.

To help you tackle one of the most common interview questions and impress your interviewer, follow these five steps to best answer ‘Why do you want to work for us?’


Do Your Homework

Probably the most obvious first step to prepare for any job interview question – do your research. And this doesn’t just mean memorising the ‘About’ page on the company website. Look into the history and culture of the business and how they fare both in the local community and worldwide. What is their brand and ethos? What are their goals? Company reviews and articles can be a great place to start, and if you do some digging you can get an idea of their relationships and reputation with other businesses. This research acts as the backbone of your job interview answer; use this information to tailor to the question at hand.


Use The Job Description As A Guide

Go back to basics. Remember the core skills, experience and qualifications that an employer is looking for is in the job description - so analyse it carefully. There’s a reason you applied for the job in the first place, so think about those motivations and why you felt you would be the right person for the role. Going point by point using the job description as a guide to show how you fulfil their criteria is not only efficient, but it’ll show how seriously you’ve examined the role.


Detail How The Job Helps You Achieve Career Objectives

Think about what you’ve achieved so far in your career and then think of your five-year plan – how would this job affect your goals? What would this job teach you? Explaining why this job in comparison to countless others is the best fit for you will show a potential employer that you’ve taken a thoughtful and selective approach to your job hunt, and you’re not looking for any old gig to pay the bills, but a specific role that will benefit long term plans.


Demonstrate How Your Skills Will Further The Success Of The Company

As well as detailing how the job will benefit you, think about how you will benefit the company. Talk about your skills and specifically talk about how they will further the sales, reach, influence etc. of the company you’re looking to work at. Ask yourself, why should that company pick you over other qualified candidates? What will you bring that they won’t?


Be Enthusiastic

There’s nothing more off-putting for a recruiter than a candidate that on paper has all the right skills and experience, and even says the right things in person, but delivers them all-wrong. Don’t be afraid to be passionate, an employer wants to see that you’ll have the drive and positive attitude to make a difference at their company. Also think about your tone of voice and body language. Vary your tone and think about how you sound – if you’re unsure, record yourself as a practice before-hand. Your body language plays a massive role in how you’re perceived, so think about how this will affect an employer’s impression of you.  


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