5 Ways An Egg Hunt Could Help Your Job Hunt
18 April 2019

easter eggs in basket

As Easter weekend rolls around, most of us are looking forward to basking in the rarity of UK sunlight (20 degrees, anyone?) and chomping on a chocolate egg (or five). But if you’re keen to use the extra time off to do some serious job searching - we’ve got some good news. Here are five ways an egg hunt could help your job hunt!


Painting your eggs vs. adding colour to your CV

Whipping out the paintbrushes to make your eggs eye-catching for your hunt is a lot like sprucing up your CV. Adding colour to your CV doesn’t mean going wild in Microsoft paint – but instead, editing your document to make sure it’s up to date, highlighting your skills and including a flourish or two that’ll make you stand out from the crowd (like volunteer work or awards you may have won). 


Planning your route vs. researching opportunities

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor egg hunt, if you’re embracing your competitive streak, you should plan your route to save time and cover the most ground. The same goes for job hunting – work out what job sites to scour and what companies you want to work for and prioritise them in a list as a plan of action. 


Looking for clues vs. scanning job descriptions

From decorative prompts to messages and codes, clues will keep you hungry for the hunt (and the chocolate). And though it might not seem like it, reading job descriptions uses the same principle: look for clues in the description to work out if it’s the right job to apply for. This means not only obvious things like qualifications, but also the ethos of the brand, their style of workforce and what buzzwords they are emphasising.


Finding an egg vs. finding the perfect job

The sweet glory of finding an egg on an Easter hunt isn’t dissimilar to the excitement of finding the perfect job. The only difference is you can’t eat a job application.


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