Employee Appreciation Day: 5 Easy Ways To Boost Staff Morale
01 March 2019

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From reducing employee turnover to fostering a more productive workplace, taking the time to recognise the achievements of your employees is not only good for business, but it makes for a pleasant and thriving work environment.

According to research by Mercer Human Resource Consulting last year, fewer than two-thirds of employees are satisfied with their jobs.

Dr. Gilbert, Head of Organisational Research and Effectiveness at Mercer said, “Organizations that encourage two-way communication are more likely to appreciate the problems facing employees. Staff loyalty will increase if employers demonstrate empathy and support for their employees.”

Statistics reported in the British Social Attitudes survey, led by NatCen Social Research also support this idea, revealing that UK workers are among the most dissatisfied in Europe.

So how can you show your employees that you value them? Since it’s employee appreciation day, here are five easy ways to boost staff morale.


Listen To Your Employees

Take the time to conduct monthly meetings outside of any normal weekly meetings to discuss any issues your staff may have. Working out where there are problems and addressing them before they have a chance to develop into something serious will benefit the running of your business but it will also show your employees that you care about their opinions and ideas. Creating an open dialogue with your staff will make them feel like they are being listened to and therefore that their voice is valued in the company.


Feature Staff On Your Website And Social Channels

Brag about your staff with a photo and bio to show off their talents and contribution to the business (with their permission of course). Customers will be able to get to know the people behind your operation. It's also a good way of publicly celebrating their value.

Don’t be afraid to utilize your social platforms to celebrate things like work anniversaries or employee birthdays to show you appreciate your staff. This personal touch will also show customers and clients more about your company culture and brand ethos.


Tell Your Employees When They Have Done Well

Consistent and regular feedback and encouragement for your staff when they have done a good job is a great way to help them feel appreciated, and it’ll also give them an incentive to keep working hard.


Offer Training Or Support Further Education

Show employees that you value their role in the company on a long-term basis by offering them training or by supporting educational courses that will help develop their skills. For example, if you have a younger employee in the business who is eager to progress and who shows real promise, help them achieve more qualifications alongside their day job as a professional reward and to demonstrate their value to the company. Support an employee going to business school at night by allowing them flexible working, or to leave the office half an hour early on the nights they have class. Investing in and encouraging your staff will make them feel appreciated.


Socialise With Your Staff

A lot of companies will go for drinks when celebrating holidays or an employee’s birthday, but how about organising social events just because? From Friday pizza nights to dinner out to celebrate an employee landing a big client, these social gestures will build better working relationships and show staff that you’re interested in getting to know them outside of the office.


Did you do anything in your company for employee appreciation day? Let us know on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.  If you’re looking for help hiring new staff, contact us.



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