Career Resolutions to Make in 2019
10 January 2019

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We get it; making New Year’s resolutions and keeping them can be hard. You plan on going to the gym more, eating healthier or swearing less, but come March you’re back to being a couch potato eating Chinese take away and yelling at your television screen.

And though making resolutions can seem like a futile task, when it comes to your career, making mindful decisions and setting reasonable goals can make a huge difference to your professional prospects and quality of life.

Don’t believe us?

Here are a few realistic career resolutions to make in 2019, to increase your salary, your work relationships and professional potential.


Replace Bad Habits With Productive Ones

If you have a habit of scrolling through social media or opening your phone to play Candy Crush when days are dragging then find other ways to occupy your mind that will also make you better at your job. Why don’t you research news in your industry instead to keep on top of trends? Or if you’re on Facebook, instead of mindless scrolling, use the time to check out what your business competitors are up to. If it helps, write post-it notes on your computer to remind you to stay focussed and on task.


Accept and Own Up To Mistakes  

If you messed something up on a project or worded an email wrongly to a customer that resulted in their outrage – own up to it. Instead of making excuses or shifting the blame onto someone else, just accept your mistake, rectify it the best you can and move on. Understanding where you can go wrong and being honest with yourself and your boss is the best way to make real progress.


Decide On One Main Career Goal

Though we’d all love to be earning more money, working fewer hours, and being promoted, it’s much easier to achieve career goals one at a time. Try honing your aims – what do you want to achieve this year at work? Whether it’s a promotion, pay rise, or simply to forge better relationships with your colleagues, choose one and focus your energy on that. This’ll make it easier to create a strategy and make sure that everything you’re doing will support the realization of that goal.

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Revise Your Social Media Presence

It’s truer now than ever that your online self affects your potential of finding work. Why not begin 2019 by revamping your social media profiles and dusting off the cobwebs on those 2008 photos of you sinking pints in the student union. – then pressing delete. It’s important when you’re job searching to filter out posts or photos that could have a negative impact on your professional reputation. Revise your privacy settings and be mindful before going on a twitter rant about your boss. While you’re at it, use LinkedIn to spark professional connections and to talk about the work you’re doing, since LinkedIn is the number one platform for online headhunting.


Update Your CV

Even if you’re not actively job searching, updating your CV can be a great way of reflecting on your professional accomplishments and goals. A refined, shiny CV is always handy to have so that you’re prepared for potential opportunities.


Put Yourself Out There

If you’re not used to it, professional networking can seem like a scary idea. But there are heaps of advantages to getting involved in local events where you can get to know other businesses. From career prospects for yourself to gaining business clients, networking has the potential to improve most areas of your working life (plus, you usually get to have a cocktail or two in the process!)


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