Covering For Colleagues? How To Manage Your Workload
30 November 2018

covering for a colleague at work


It’s that time of year – your co-workers are rushing to use up their holidays and a serious case of the lurgy is doing the rounds in the office. With people off sick or out of office, it can be a struggle to pick up the slack while still performing your job to a high standard.

According to research by the Guardian, 70% of HR Directors pass the workload onto other employees when team members are on holiday, and 85% of companies don’t bring on extra staff to make up for the shortfall when people are off sick or on leave.  So considering these scary statistics - how do we avoid burnout?

Our expert recruitment consultants share some of their wisdom on covering for colleagues, managing your workload, and making sure you keep your sanity in the process.


Set Realistic Deadlines

Focussing on deadlines will help you formulate plans and have a clear understanding of timeframes for completing tasks. Instead of stressing out over tiny details, look at the big picture and create a manageable schedule.


Learn How To Effectively Prioritise

Determine the most important tasks on your agenda and work on getting those completed before anything else, even if that means letting small things fall by the wayside until you have the time to concentrate your efforts on them. Making sure that you deliver urgent enquiries on time and with care is more important than finishing everything on your to-do list but taking ages and doing a shoddy job.


Accept What You Can’t Control

There’s never an ideal time to have to take on a bigger workload – especially around the festive period when winter weather has you day dreaming of fires and mince pies in the office. Take a deep breath, accept your situation and use this challenge as a means of proving your problem-solving skills to your boss, or as a means of personal development.


Take Time For Self-Care

Depending on the seniority of your position – delegate smaller time consuming tasks to admin assistants and spread the workload. This’ll be more time efficient and sharing tasks will stop you burning the candle at both ends.


Bring In An Extra Pair Of Hands

If you’re really struggling with managing day-to-day tasks picking up the workload for another colleague alongside your own, talk to other team members and see if they can help you with some of the responsibilities. Alternatively, ask your boss about the possibility of hiring temporary staff, even just for a day or two a week to make sure that the business runs smoothly and tasks are completed thoroughly and efficiently.


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