7 Free Classes To Enhance Your Professional Skills
16 November 2018

professional skills

Eager to motivate and improve yourself at work? Feeling like you need some support to hone specific skills?

Whether you’ve been in the same role for years or you’re just starting out, it can sometimes be difficult to work out your professional strengths and weaknesses and how to excel in the workplace. Asking for feedback from managers is a great way to work out your next moves, but sometimes it helps to polish up our general knowledge and skills. From communication tactics to leadership and digital literacy, here are the best seven free classes to enhance your professional skills.  


Personality Types At Work

Understanding the dynamics between your colleagues and knowing where you fit within a business is crucial to collective and personal success in the workplace. Never underestimate the value of soft skills and learning about how your personality influences your professional decisions and attitudes.

This course is a comprehensive course for those looking to improve their people skills, offered by the University of Florida.

Length: a few hours a week for 3 weeks.


Concentration And Focus: The Principles Of Deep Work

With methodology from Dr. Cal Newport, this course aims to hone productivity and identify areas in your life that are preventing you from motivation and concentration. Instead of blindly working overtime, changing the nature of how we approach work will lead to more efficient use of our time and better results.

Ideal for young professionals and anyone who needs help balancing their workload, this course teaches you how to work smarter not harder.

Length: 7 lectures, 43 minutes each. 


Google Garage

It doesn’t matter whether marketing is part of your role or not, since developing digital skills is crucial to navigating any modern career. The Google Garage suits all backgrounds and abilities and tailors a unique working plan for each person that undertakes the course.

Length: around 3 hours: includes 89 lessons, 23 badges to earn and a short exam of 5-10 minutes at the end.


Khan Academy

Suitable for younger people but also a fantastic resource to brush up on your knowledge of finance, including taxes and capital markets, computer science and coding and, Khan Academy provides free insights into a variety of areas that could aid skills gaps in your career. If you’re thinking of further education or qualifications, then it includes help with admissions and exams.

Length: varies depending on topic.


7 Creative Leadership Skills That Drive Change

Foster a creative environment where ideas can be openly discussed without feeling self-conscious or inhibited by your creative abilities. The lectures take you through how to harness leadership qualities, create a unified and supportive team and nurture confident creative minds that will bring about positive business changes.

Length: 23 lectures, 1 hour each.  


Presentation Skills Secrets

Imagine you’re presenting in a meeting and all eyes are on you. Do you start to sweat? Are you overly self-conscious? Do you find it hard to project your voice and bury those nerves? This course is ideal for anyone who struggles with public speaking and presentation skills. Learn from TED speakers their secrets on commanding a room, speaking articulately, and telling your story.

Length: 84 lectures, 2 hours 50 minutes in total.


Create A Perfect Morning Routine

Your morning routine definitely influences the success of your day. These videos provide easy to grapple, succinct information on altering your routine to overcome anxiety, lack of sleep, self-doubt and focus.

Length: 17 videos, 34 minutes in total.


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