How To Stay Motivated At Work During Winter
08 November 2018

It’s freezing outside, it took twenty minutes to de-frost your car, and your boss just called to say the project you were so excited about taking on has just fallen through. Winter months can be hard. It’s dark, cold and finding motivation to keep you going until the Christmas holidays can be a struggle.

But don’t give up hope yet; we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you stay motivated in the winter months, satisfied at work, and deserving of your Christmas break!


Set yourself new challenges

When it feels like it’s impossible to pull yourself out of a professional lull, it’s time to re-focus. Set yourself new goals and challenges so that you’re too excited and preoccupied chasing them to worry about clock-watching. You could even set up an informal competition between you and colleagues on who can get the most sales, who can land the best clients or who can impress the most with their upcoming projects. Playing off each other’s energy is a great way to concentrate and pull yourself out of an apathetic space.


Never underestimate the to-do list

If you struggle with organization and procrastination, then to-do lists are the answer. Not convinced? Psychology says that your brain loves them, they’ll help you remember stuff, they’ll relieve anxiety and they’ll keep you on a focused schedule. Make detailed, realistic lists that you can accomplish and stick to them. Even ticking off simple tasks will make you feel accomplished and therefore encouraged.

Take time for self-care

Especially during the cold winter months, self-care is essential to avoid burnout. Take a bath, go for a solo walk, get a massage, have a sweet treat, cook, have tea and confide in a friend, the list is endless. Making sure you’re physically and mentally rested will make for better energy levels at work and the chance to be more productive in your professional life.


Ask for feedback

Sit down for a chat with your boss to discuss how you’ve been performing and ask for feedback. Though it can be scary, feedback can be an ego boost and help motivate you to improve or maintain your work ethic.


What do you do to stay motivated during winter? Have any extra tips? Let us know on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. If you’re looking for a new job to coincide with the new year why not have a peek at our current vacancies or phone us on 0141 212 5130 for a chat.