5 Steps On Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business
26 October 2018

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If you’re an entrepreneur or you run a business you’ll be all too familiar with the dilemmas that go into making that business work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Managing finances, clients and staff is no mean feat, so when you make a decision for the benefit of the company you want to make sure it’s the right one.

When it comes to choosing a recruitment agency, the thought process is no different. And since there are a myriad of agencies to choose from in the UK, how do you find the one that best fits your needs? How can you guarantee that they will deliver on their promises?

These are our top tips on partnering with a recruitment agency that’s right for you, from defining your business needs to asking for case studies.


Work out your specific business and hiring needs

It seems obvious, but make sure you have a specific and strict criteria to present to a recruiter to best ensure they get the job done properly and there are no misunderstandings or communication issues. Doing this will also help you wittle down the agencies that can cater to your needs. Determine:


  • Whether the role you’re looking to fill is one you’ve struggled to fill in the past and communicate the barriers you faced
  • Whether you are looking for permanent, contract or temporary staff
  • How niche the role is with as much information as possible
  • If you have a (realistic) time-oriented goal for filling the position


Once you’re closer to securing a partnership with a recruitment agency, make sure you’ve communicated to the recruiter how the role has arisen, if it’s new or a re-fill, and your business brand story. The recruiter will need to know all about your goals, ethos and culture to sell the role to a candidate and work out the right personality for your company, something you can’t find on a CV.


Use an agency with specialisms

Since it’s such a competitive industry, you’ll find that agencies will focus on specific areas for recruitment, such as IT or Engineering. Some agencies only hire temporary office staff, while others source permanent long-term positions. Work out what your needs are and align an agency with those. If you’re looking to fill a role in Finance, IT, Construction and Engineering, give us a shout.


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Unsure about results? Ask for case studies

Case studies from similar companies will help you determine the time-scale and results you’re likely to expect with an agency. It’ll also give better insight into their methods, approach and reputation, all massively valuable elements of the hunt for a good recruiter.


Find recruiters you trust

Open as much communication as possible with a recruitment agency to best work out if you’ll have professional chemistry. You’re trusting someone with the future of your business so it’s important that your relationship is honest, authentic and built on trust. Meet the recruiters and management in person and join the company on social networks too. This’ll help you see what their attitude is and how they will potentially represent you.


Don’t prioritize cost over quality

You wouldn’t prioritize cost over quality with your own clients, so don’t jump at the first mention of a discount or low price when looking for a recruitment agency - shop around first. It’s worth spending a little extra to get a high quality service.


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