4 Outdated Job Hunting Tactics You Should Ditch
13 September 2018

job hunting

From the exhaustion of crafting the perfect cover letter to tailoring your CV to each specific job, not to mention late nights scrolling through job ads – looking for a new job is no easy feat. But even so, if you’ve spent months searching and applying with nothing to show for it, maybe your job-hunting strategy needs an overhaul.

Here are the four most common outdated job hunting tactics you should ditch, with solutions from our expert recruitment consultants.


Thinking A Perfect CV Will Get You The Job

Although polishing up your CV until its squeaky clean is a vital step in the job search process, crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get the job.

A great CV is essential to landing a role, but its efforts take best effect when it’s working as part of team. That means it’s important to focus on other areas of your job search in equal measure, such as your interview skills, your presentation, researching the company you’re applying to and even revising your online presence. Think of your CV as an introduction and pitch rather than a comprehensive profile on what you can offer a company.


Doing The ‘Spray And Pray’

Applying for heaps of jobs, even ones that aren’t entirely relevant to your experience, in the hopes that you’ll get a response from at least one of them is called the ‘spray and pray’. Not only can spending hours and hours applying to job after job be frustrating and tiring, but it’s also counter-intuitive to your job search.

Instead, try focusing on quality over quantity and only apply for roles that you are genuinely suited for, within companies that you are passionate about. Remember to SEO optimize your social profiles and keep your LinkedIn updated and polished, since this will make it easier for recruiters and employers to contact you for a role that may suit instead of the other way round. Applying for random jobs blindly will waste everyone’s time.


Avoiding Networking

Networking can be a daunting concept, sure. But it’s not as scary as it seems. Expanding your professional network by attending seminars, events and socials is a great way to make connections and get your name known within your industry. Plus, they can be really fun.

Remember, not all jobs are advertised, and you’re more likely to be headhunted or contacted for a role through people you know than if you’re anonymous. A small network is better than none, so think about ways to put yourself out there. If you’re struggling, read our six networking tips for business success.


Showing Up Without A Scheduled Meeting

Though you may think that constantly calling an employer or recruiter or showing up announced is a bold, passionate way of making an impression, most of the time it just annoys people. This may have been an assertive, beguiling way of introducing yourself for a job in the past, before the dawn of the Internet, but that’s no longer the case. You’ll come across as desperate and presumptuous.

Instead, after applying with a CV and cover letter, follow-up with a thoughtful and polite email, and ask if there’s anything else you can provide to aid the hiring process if you haven’t heard back for a while.


We know that job hunting can be stressful, so why not let us help you along the way? Read more of our blogs on career advice here or if you’re eager for a new role, check out our current vacancies.


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