Pros & Cons Of Relocating For A Job
29 August 2018

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Have you been offered a job that’s miles from home? Trying to work out what decision is best for your career and family? Check out our expert list of pros and cons from our experienced recruiters when it comes to relocating for a job.


Pro: Better Networking Opportunities

Stepping out of your comfort zone and landing a job in a new location will expand your professional connections, and potentially lead to opportunities that you wouldn’t have been aware of before. The more well known you are within your industry, the more that your reputation will precede you, meaning you’re more likely to be headhunted or referred for future roles.


Pro: New Friendships And Social Life

It’s healthy to expand your social horizons and relocating for a job is definitely the way to do it. Making new friends and connections is good for your mental health, giving you time for self-reflection and a new environment to revitalize your working motivation. Think of moving as the chance for new adventures whatever your niche, from exploring and traveling to enjoying the differences in local cuisine.


Pro: You Could Score A Relocation Package

Though not all roles offer a relocation package, many employers do if you’re a valuable candidate and especially if you are relocating from overseas. These packages often help with financial costs, covering home finding, transportation, temporary housing, packing and moving and sometimes job search assistance for your spouse or partner. This means you can embark on a new adventure in a new country without the financial burden. 


Pro: It Could Reduce Your Living Costs

If you’re moving away from a massive city to a smaller one or a town, then relocating could overall save you a lot of cash. As recruiters we often encounter people that are happy to move to our own turf in Glasgow for example from London, since the money they’d save in basic living costs is gargantuan. Remember to do your homework before considering moving elsewhere to see if there are financial benefits that would increase your quality of life.

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Con: The Financial Implications Of Moving

Moving house is obviously expensive, and if you’re in a rush to relocate, you may have to take lower offers when selling your house or car. If you haven’t yet found somewhere to live, temporary housing can also be costly and so can the price of moving all of your stuff cross-country. Revise your financial plans and see if relocation would be worth the hassle. If it’s not but you’re still eager for a new job, try somewhere closer to home.


Con: The Effect On Your Relationships

One of the biggest strains on partners when they move for their spouse’s new job is finding a new job for themselves elsewhere that they are happy with. Often times to keep on paying the bills, your other half might have to take on a role that pays less than they'd like or offers less job satisfaction while they are looking for something better. This can sometimes foster resentment, and the same goes for children or parents, since uprooting your life for a job will have effects on your immediate family. Moving can also be difficult on friendships too depending on the distance between you. That said, modern tech means you can easily chat or video those close to you to keep them up to date with your life.


Con: Stress  

Research has found that alongside divorce, moving house is one of the most stressful things we can go through in life. So before taking the plunge into unknown territory, make sure you’re ready for the mental implications of the jump. Organizing a new life elsewhere will require a lot of patience since moving is never a straightforward process. Finding somewhere to live, good schools, jobs for your spouses and worrying about carving out a space in a new social life can be anxiety inducing.

Before agreeing to relocate, visit the place a number of times so you can get a feel for the environment and what your life would be like. Change can be difficult - but it’s not always a bad thing.


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