6 Reasons To Love Working As A Nurse
22 August 2018

Whether you’re a nurse who loves their job, or you’re looking for a career change in healthcare and you’re keen for some inspiration, there are a myriad of reasons why becoming a nurse is an admirable professional goal.

A job that’s hard work but definitely rewarding, nursing is an ancient profession going back to 250 B.C. It’s an essential role that’s filled by some of the world’s kindest and most compassionate people, so what better way to celebrate nursing than to delve into the perks of the profession. Here are our six reasons to love working as a nurse.


You’ll Have Job Stability

Especially in the UK, since there’s a nursing shortage, you’ll never be without a job. That means you’ll be able to take your pick of locations and likely take on a role that offers flexible benefits to work around your home life. Let’s face it – illness and injury are unfortunately inevitable, so your skills mean your job will always be crucial.


You’ll Change Lives For The Better

Unlike most other professions, your job can often mean the difference between life and death. And assisting with the dying and injured is no easy feat, but the care you’ll offer people will increase their chances of becoming healthy again, or ease their last days. You can’t underestimate the value that this offers people, and the contribution you’ll make to thousands of families in your career.


It’s Emotionally Rewarding

Because you’ll have such a hands-on approach to assisting ill and injured people, and helping on their road to recovery, you’ll experience such emotional fulfillment to know that you’ve helped someone live. Improving someone’s quality of life and bringing them back to full health is something that money can’t buy. Job satisfaction for many nurses is important, and this role definitely has it in abundance.


You’ll Have The Option To Work With A Diverse Range Of People

If you work for the NHS, it goes without saying that you’ll encounter all sorts of patients with different medical issues from different backgrounds. This will expand your professional horizons and challenge you to learn how to care for different people with different needs. If you choose to work in private healthcare, you’ll have the option to see whether you want to work with children, adults or the elderly.


There’s Variety On The Job

Because you’ll come across patients with different medical issues, it’ll constantly force you to re-assess your knowledge and learn more about a diverse range of injuries and illnesses. These’ll undoubtedly help with your own and your family’s medical problems and reward you with a job that doesn’t rely on repetitive tasks but interesting, varied work.


You’ll Have The Choice Of Entering Public Or Private Healthcare

There are pros and cons of working in both public and private health care, and the NHS has had a lasting legacy that has saved countless lives. The good thing about there being heaps of vacancies for nurses means you’ll get the choice to work in whatever environment best suits and challenges you. Though the NHS has been an invaluable service, due to shortages in nurses, many people are working hard, long shifts and are close to burn out. Private health care on the other hand, has better rewards for work-life balance and benefits - see our recent piece on the perks of working within private healthcare. That said, choosing between public and private is a personal and ethical choice – but it’s nice to have options in your profession.


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