How To Switch Off From Work On Holiday
17 August 2018

We’ve all been there – booked a swanky looking beach holiday in Spain, gaped at pictures of sangria and paella, yet despite the holy trinity of sun, sea and sand, we’ve found ourselves half way through our getaway feeling as frazzled as when we left.

Maybe it’s the anxiety inducing inbox that piles up while we’re away, or the irrational fear that a colleague will sabotage an ongoing project, but whatever the worry, it’s vital for our mental and physical health to know how to enjoy our time off and keep work at work. Here are our top tips on switching off from work on holiday. 


Remember You’re Entitled To Time Off

Especially if you’re the ambitious type, it can be difficult to switch off and let go when it comes to work commitments, but if you’re feeling guilty, remember that taking a holiday is a right. You are entitled to a minimum of 28 days holiday for a full-time role, so relish the time you have off by reassuring yourself that you deserve the break. In the long run taking a holiday will give your mind a rest and give you time to rejuvenate to come back to the office more productive.


Set Your Out Of Office

Emails flooding in on a daily basis? Feeling a bit stressed about leaving those unread while you’re away? Make sure you’re up to date with your emails and responsibilities and then set your out of office, directing people to a colleague to contact if the case is urgent. 

If you find it difficult to not check your email and you’ve become a bit obsessive, limit your checking to once a day in case of urgent enquiries and reward yourself with a treat on days you don’t check in.


Delegate Tasks

Finish all of the work that you can, and any you can’t, delegate to your colleagues with the help and supervision of your boss. Open communication with your team will lead to a smooth running operation while you’re away. And try not to let your ego take over – the place won’t fall apart while you’re gone. Though you’ll be an integral part of your team, remember it’s your colleagues’ responsibility to help take on your work while you’re away, just as you’d do the same for them.


Use The Time To Reflect On Your Professional Goals

Time away from an everyday environment can be a good thing, it’ll give you perspective on your working life and allow you the space and time to reflect upon your ambitions and career development. Taking a break to revitalize your mind will lead to positive outcomes, a surge of new ideas for projects at work, the motivation to put yourself forward for a promotion, or the courage to quit your job to start your own business.


Examine Other Areas Of Your Life

If you’ve done all of the above without a problem but you’re still feeling very stressed on holiday, there could be another underlying issue in your personal life that’s affecting your mental health. Instead of focusing or blaming work for your worries, look at other problem areas and see how best to address them with the support of your friends and family.


What are your best tricks for switching off outside the office? Share your thoughts on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn or read more interview chat and career advice here.



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