The Perks of Working Within Private Healthcare
09 August 2018

A dilemma that nurses and healthcare practitioners often face is the choice of working at the NHS or taking the plunge into private healthcare – how do you decide which one is most beneficial to your career? For many people, this choice is not only an ethical one, but also based on finances and growth opportunities.

And though the NHS is an invaluable service with an admirable legacy, lack of funding and shortages in staff have lead to burnt-out under-paid nurses, and a whole host of issues, from disappointing pension schemes to extortionate parking. So if you’re considering a role within the private sector here are a few of the best perks, including benefits packages and chances for career progression.


More Manageable Hours and Schedule

Due to nurse shortages in the NHS, shift patterns have become unpredictable, nurses are working long hours and breaks are virtually non-existent. Private companies offer a lighter caseload meaning fewer patients and therefore the chance to provide higher quality care, leading to more job satisfaction. It’s also easier to manage your schedule around your personal commitments in a private environment since there are no staffing issues, so flexibility is possible. The private sector is therefore able to handle operations much more smoothly and to a higher standard, providing staff with a better work life balance.


Excellent Benefits Packages

One of the best things about working in private healthcare is the enormous benefits you can reap. Whether it’s childcare vouchers to help you manage your family life, excellent pension schemes, free meals, life insurance or even the chance to get your tier 2 visa paid for if you’re from aboard, the list for benefits is endless.


Increased Chances for Learning and Development

The private sector provides more training and opportunities for career progression, since department management is more transient as opposed to the more rigid form that the NHS takes. You can develop your skills and abilities and undertake training to harness your specialisms more easily than in the public sphere, meaning more rewarding work leading to higher pay.


Diversify your Experiences

If you’ve spend a good chunk of time working for the NHS, transitioning into private will help you garner experience in a different type of healthcare environment, improving your skills and knowledge. Professionals in the private sector have a more diverse range of responsibilities, for example, a senior doctor might not only take care of patients but also be in charge of hiring and firing staff. This approach leads to well-rounded workers that can harness the possibility of different positions down the line.


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