10 Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel
25 July 2018

If crispy clear waters, sandy beaches, exotic jungles and ancient temples dominate your dreams, and you love nothing more than planning your next holiday, then perhaps a job with scope for lots of travel is right up your street.

But how do you choose the best role to accommodate your skills?

We’ve researched the best jobs for folks that love to travel, including high paying jobs, unusual gigs and adventurous vocations.


Tour Guide

If you’re knowledgeable, passionate and patient, and you LOVE to travel, then becoming a tour guide could a perfect way of earning money, globe hopping and learning about different cultures and their histories.

Pay: £9.76 per hour


Travel Writer

Whether you’re writing reviews on luxury hotels or penning features on the best eateries across the continents, taking on a job as a travel writer involves flying all over the world. So if you have a background in writing, history or English, then this would definitely help, but if you already have a successful blog, then taking the plunge into freelance with international travel could be well within reach.

Pay: Up to £45,000 per annum


English Teacher (TEFL)

Interested in taking a TEFL course but want to know what your employability options are? Well, the world is your oyster. Having a TEFL course qualification as well as a degree means landing the best teaching jobs around the globe, from China and South Korea to Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

Pay: £560-2000 per month



If you have a background teaching or caring for children, and you love independent travel, then a job as a nanny could fulfill your wanderlust dreams. You can work anywhere in the world, and depending on your experience, you can get great pay and the chance to choose who you work with.

Pay: £29,032 per annum


Ski Instructor

Though most work involved for Ski Instructors tends to be seasonal and based in one place, there is scope for traveling in the areas you’re working in, and moving from place to place, like Austria to Italy. 

Pay: £15,798 per annum


Travel Agent

Traveling to find the best hotels, cars, restaurants and tours in diverse and exciting destinations for their clients, travel agents do just what they say on the tin.

Pay: £15,972 per annum


Global Events Manager

Organizing events including festivals, gigs, club nights, corporate events and shows, a global events manager travels to exciting locations making contacts and seeking out the best venues.

Pay: £34,519 per annum



It goes without saying that airline pilots spend most of their time traveling, transporting people across oceans and continents. You can also nab a pretty decent salary with the job depending on your experience and the company you work for.

Pay: £36,000 – 140,000 per annum


Freelance Designer

Freelancer Designers get the option of traveling around the world for their clients, especially if they have a great reputation and are highly sought after. In this role you’ll travel heaps to meet clients and conduct research.

Pay: £20,000 – 80,000 per annum


Management Consultant

Helping organizations near and far develop business strategies, goals and growth opportunities, Management Consultants receive a great median salary and get to jet set all year round.

Pay: £55, 236 per annum


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