How to Choose Between Two Excellent Candidates
05 July 2018

Faced with the dilemma of having two really great candidates for a role with similar skills and qualifications on paper? Wondering how the heck you can decide who is best for the job?

Though this is hardly the worst problem for a recruiter – having two excellent candidates to potentially fill one vacancy – it can be tricky if you’re a client trying to work out the best approach to determine the right person.

With heaps of professional experience in recruitment, we’ve learned some tips and tricks over the years to deal with situations like this, from analyzing company culture to a candidate’s social skills.


Meet The Candidate Face to Face

If both candidates you’re presented with are near identical on paper, it’s time to see what these people are like in real life, when they’re detached from the statistics on their CV. Meeting a candidate face to face will give you the chance to work out if there’s potential for a healthy working relationship, or if your personalities will clash, something that you can’t know by simply assessing a few words on a screen.

Though you might have already chatted with them on the phone, a person’s real-life mannerisms and reactions can be very different to those in virtual conversations. Use this sit down meeting to analyze their passions and understanding of your company.  


Assess Whether Their Attitude Aligns With Your Company Culture

This one totally depends on what kind of company culture you foster, and whether this person’s personality will complement that culture. If you’re looking for someone who is reserved and professional in an especially corporate environment, a candidate who jokes around a lot may not be the right fit.

Similarly, if your company is a digital start up and you’re keen for someone who will gel with other colleagues by keeping spirits positive and morale high, you might not be looking for a more serious suited type. There’s no point in picking someone who looks good on paper but then doesn’t contribute to the overall workforce, socially or otherwise.  Work out what you want then match the person to those desired attributes.


Understand Their Motivations

Understand a candidate’s motivations, if there isn’t scope for promotions in the company, avoid someone who is overly ambitions, or if there are chances to increase workload and pay, don’t pick someone who is keen to stay in the same role for a number of years. Ask yourself: how much do they understand the potential of this role? Do their motivations match the ones that the role can offer? If so, then they’re likely the right choice for the future.


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