Interview 101: How To Stand Out From Competition
28 June 2018

Imagine you’re rocking up to interview for your dream job; you’re as prepared as you can possibly be, clad in the perfect outfit and carrying a crisp copy of your CV ready to wow your future employers. But you arrive at the interview location only to see a dozen other candidates sitting in the waiting room, and your heart sinks. How do you make yourself stand out against the rest of the applicants? What can you do to persuade them that you’re the best fit for the job? That’s where we come in. Follow these tips to give yourself the best chance of success, from bulking out your LinkedIn profile, to creating unique video content.


Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Most recruiters will assess your LinkedIn profile to determine if your CV matches your professional social presence, since consistency is key to being a trustworthy candidate. So make sure that everything is up to date and your skills and experience are portrayed in the best way possible. Ask colleagues or clients for recommendations since this will also verify your expertise to a potential recruiter or employer.


Be Aware of Your Body Language

Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes, and first impressions are no different. In fact, being aware of your non-verbal communication traits and understanding the affects of your body language on first impressions can be the difference between a receiving a polite rejection and actually landing the job. If you’re struggling to come to grips with how your body language translates to those around you, it’s always a good idea to conduct a practice interview with a friend, or go to a workshop, since there are myriad of valuable training courses offered by coaches who specialise in the interview process both in person and online.


Consider A Video CV

Creating video content is a sure fire way of getting noticed and the good thing is, most smart phones have high enough quality cameras that they’ll get the job done easily. A video CV is a creative way of showcasing your talents, whether through a presentation and voice-over, or showing examples of your skills.


Get Creative

If you really want to stand out from the competition you have to do something different. Think creatively, research the company you’re applying for and get into their mindset. If you’re a graphic designer consider crafting a CV that shows off your expertise or target your dream employer by thinking outside of the box. Alec Brownstein came up with the idea of targeting advertising directors at Google by placing ads in front of them when they googled themselves, saying ‘Googling yourself is fun, hiring me is fun’. If you’re keen for more ideas here are the most creative CV’s to inspire your job hunt.


Dress for Success

Do your research on the company you’re interviewing at, since the dress code can vary from business to business. Less corporate digital agencies and millennial orientated businesses may have a more casual dress code, compared with a finance company who will most likely expect clean cut professional attire. Tailoring your clothing to the company will show that you understand and can fit in with their workplace culture.


Focus On The Numbers

Instead of going into an interviewing and attempting to wow the interviewer by saying, ‘I improved our sales in the two years I worked there’, hit them up with some figures. It’s way more impressive if you can say ‘I improved sales by 50% in two years’ and show them the evidence. They’ll be amazed by your meticulous attitude towards your role within the growth of the business.


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